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Conan Gray – Wish You Were Sober | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

In these times of self-isolation and social-distancing, one can really explore their own selves. You might find some interesting aspects about yourself, just like singer/songwriter Conan Gray did. In his new hit “Wish You Were Sober,” the artist reflects on a love that he is not privileged with. But its more complicated than that. Let’s see why…

“Wish You Were Here” comes from Conan Gray’s debut studio album ‘Kid Krow’ released on March 20, 2020. The album also spawned some fan-favorites such as “Maniac” and “Comfort Crowd.”

Inspiration Behind “Wish You Were Sober”

Shortly after the song was released, Conan Gray Tweeted out the idea behind the song; “wrote this song about someone who would never tell me they liked me unless they were black out drunk lmao.”

He further explained the meaning of the song via Apple Music; “I wrote it about this person who I really, really liked and I wrote a lot of songs on my album about them and they just wouldn’t tell me that they liked me back or would never tell me their true feelings unless they were blackout drunk. It was a weird, bittersweet feeling, because on one side you’re thinking, ‘Yay, they like me and they have feelings for me and they like me back.’ On the other side you’re thinking, ‘Why can’t you tell me this when you’re sober? Why can’t you tell me this in daylight?’ I think the song is about all those mixed emotions and all the craziness behind being young and getting super drunk and calling someone and telling them that you love them.”

Listen to “Wish You Were Sober” by Conan Gray

“Wish You Were Sober” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

At the beginning of the song, we hear Conan Gray singing about a party he is in. Fortunately or unfortunately his crush is there too–getting hammered. All he wants to do is grab her and ditch this party and go somewhere else. Maybe she would be into it because she is drunk!

Conan Gray literally asks this person to not “drink more beer.” The singer confirmed this in a Tweet in response to a fan.

In the chorus of the song, Conan Gray sings about a typical teen house party. Raging music, drunkards everywhere, chill clothes, smokes, and even chiller people. Conan knows that he does not fit in the crowd. But his crush does. She is 19, but drinks and talks like a 25-year-old. She is so drunk off of her mind that she can barely stand. But in this state of alcohol-induced inhibition, she likes Conan. So his head is messed up. Conan knows that this is not exactly her talking!

In the second verse of the song, we find Conan Gray walking his crush to her home. She kisses him at the doorstep and invites him in. But he cannot help but think that she is not herself. Taking advantage of this situation is the last thing he wants to do because he loves her.

But, during the day, when she is actually sober, she has no interest in him at all.

It is a struggle! And Conan Gray may be done with her after all. A relationship cannot run on alcohol. At some point, they have to be sober and face reality.

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