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Beyoncé – Crazy In Love Ft. Jay-Z | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

It is not every day that we come across artists or their debut releases making a lasting impact on the entire music industry. This is exactly what Beyonce’s 2003 hit “Crazy In Love” did. The single is often dubbed the ‘greatest song of the 21st Century,’ and that is saying something!

“Crazy In Love” is the lead single off of Beyonce’s debut solo studio album ‘Dangerously In Love’ released in 2003. It is a collaboration with Beyonce’s husband and music producer/rapper Jay-Z. The song also marks an important milestone in Beyonce’s career, as her first release apart from her former music group Destiny’s Child.

“Crazy In Love” topped both US and UK singles charts in 2003. It also ranked among the top 10 in several music charts around the world and sold over a million copies globally.

Rolling Stone magazine inducted “Crazy In Love” to their ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time‘ list at #118. NME, Pitchfork, and VH1 names this song to be the best song of the 2000s. At the 46th Annual Grammy Awards (2004), “Crazy in Love” won Grammy Awards for ‘Best R&B Song’ and ‘Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.’

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“Crazy In Love” Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Written by Eugene Record, JAY-Z, Rich Harrison & Beyoncé, “Crazy In Love” talks about a love so strong that it has Beyonce acting, well, crazy!

In the lyrics of the song, we hear Beyonce talking about her infatuation with her lover–most likely Jay-Z. His eyes, his words, his touch, and everything else about him makes her stomach flutter, in a good way. She wishes that his “kiss got me hoping you’ll save me right now.” She is dumbfounded how one man’s love can make her act so crazy and bizarre.

Jay-Z’s verse on “Crazy In Love” seems to talk about what has Beyonce fall in with him so hard. He talks about his flow being “loco,” Spanish for ‘crazy.’ He also says that he might look skinny like a stick, but his pockets are fat like that of Tony from the popular TV show ‘The Sopranos.’ Jay-Z also compares himself to Ringo Star, the drummer of the Beatles band.

Jay-Z also says that he is unlike any other artist out there. He is “cut from a different cloth,” which makes it very difficult for others to figure out his ‘style.’ Here, ‘style’ refers to his music, but you can appreciate the clever wording.

The rapper also says he changed his ways to ensure that he goes ‘Platinum’ every time. This is a ranking given for the number of units sold of a song. ‘Platinum’ indicates over 500,000 units sold.

At the very beginning of the song, Jay-Z jumps in and says “History in the making.” When you are right, you are just right.

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