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The Best YouTube Music Review Channels You Should Subscribe to in 2020

Did you know that in the United States, YouTube will make 5.5 billion in advertising dollars in 2020? With 2 billion monthly users, it continues to be one of the biggest social media platforms. 

Music is universal in connecting people in the same way that YouTube brings viewers and creators together. Viewers tune in to catch new music videos but also to check out YouTube music review channels. 

Keep reading to find out some of our favorite and the best YouTube music review channels to subscribe to in 2020!


There are plenty of YouTube reaction channels on the Interweb and one of the best out there has to be ARTV! It is one of my favorites because it covers a lot of great rock and alternative music

Jonathan Compton, who founded the channel, gives some thorough reviews of new albums and some old-school ones as well. He is smart and truly loves the music he talks about, which makes watching his videos a great time! He also creates some diverse content with Top 10 videos, artist album rankings, and video essays as well. 

Dead End Hip Hop

One of the best music channels on YouTube right now is Dead End Hip Hop. My favorite thing about this channel is its niche community, for the lovers of hip hop. When in need of some great conversation about hip hop, I know exactly where to turn. 

The natural conversations between the hosts are great and their album reviews are always spot on. And I really love how they incorporate discussions about the production of songs and the cultural significance of them in their conversations. Having multiple people in every conversation also adds different perspectives in a way that a one-person YouTube channel can’t.


Another of the best music YouTube channels out there is Rocked! A community for the rockers and rebels at heart, Rocked gives some awesome reviews of the many artists and albums currently in the rock genre. 

They have a variety of content on their channel including Top 10 lists, interviews, and music festival news and coverage. 

Bed Reviews

If you want to switch up your music review content, I’d say to check out Bed Reviews. Infused with the right dose of funny, Sam reviews some of today’s pop artists from the comfort of his bed. 

While his commentary is meant to be funny, it is always honest in how Sam feels about new pop songs. Bed Reviews has lots of great content from song reactions to album reviews to unique Top 10 lists like the Top Ten Most Obnoxious Songs of the 2010s.

I know I’d love to have access to Bed Reviews videos on my computer to watch whenever I want. Some of the top YouTube downloaders compared indicate that the best and easiest way to get this quick access is by using media downloaders like Downie. 

Cover Killer Nation

Another of the best YouTube music channels available has got to be Cover Killer Nation! Lovers of Metal music will love this channel especially. 

Top 10 lists, reactions, and album reviews are some of the content that can be found on this channel. Cover Killer nation has also released videos reviewing different artists’ discography and live streams discussing different topics in the heavy metal genre. 

Kumerai Fang

Kumerai Fang is a great channel to check out in support of the female critics in music. Her videos are smart and funny and as one of the few female music critics on YouTube, her channel is definitely worth checking out!

Along with song reviews and reactions, Kumerai Fang uploads many Top 10 and 20 lists. Many of these are seasonal like summer and fall lists and some are the top best and worst songs of the year.

The Double Agent

The Double Agent channel was one of the best Top lists providers on YouTube. Although Ethan has decided to stop making videos for the channel, some of his Top lists can still be found on YouTube and are worth the watch. These music reviews coupled with Ethan’s great sense of humor will surely be missed!

Spectrum Pulse

Spectrum Pulse is a great channel for videos on music as well as art and culture. His song and album reviews and Top lists are intelligent critiques from someone who has a lot of knowledge on all genres of music. His weekly series called Billboard Breakdown discusses the music on the Hot 100 charts and is a great watch! 

Todd In The Shadows

A channel with a theme is always fun to check out! Todd In The Shadows is literally as the name of his channel suggests, giving music reviews in the shadows. 

Todd’s shadowed frame appears in each video as he reviews pop songs and gives his Top 10 and 20 lists. Another cool thing about his channel is his One Hit Wonderland video series where he discusses artists and bands who’ve only had one successful song in their careers. 

The Needle Drop

One of the best music YouTube channels out there has got to be The Needle Drop! Anthony Fantano’s channel is an NPR-affiliated show that reviews the latest music albums in an eclectic group of genres ranging from rock to hip hop to electronic music.

The Best YouTube Music Review Channels in 2020

While this is my personal Top 10 list of Youtube music review channels to check out this year, there are so many more to discover. Please continue to find great music review channels on YouTube, they’re out there!

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