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5 Seconds of Summer – Wildflower | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Wildflower” is the sixth release from 5 Second of Summer’s fourth studio album ‘CALM,’ and likely the final before the album release. The song came out with a lyric video that needs a special mention for the effort it has taken.

Preceding this song, we heard “Easier,” “Old Me,” “No Shame,” “Teeth,” and “Red Desert” from ‘CALM’ album due on March 27, 2020.

“Wildflower” Lyric Video Fun Facts

According to the message shown at the start of the video; “this video was hand-made with 10 straight hours of stop-motion animation, and another 8 hours of editing.” In the lyric video, we see moving flower arrangements according to the tune of the song. Each position of one flower arrangement is one photo and all such photos are combined to make this lyric video. The message continues; “it was made using 358 different photos. It was made using 529 flowers. And it was made entirely at home.” So, kudos for creativity and effort!

Announcing the song on a Tweet, 5SOS called this song: “is a Frankenstein of everything we love about music, we really hope you dig this one 🌸.”

Watch “Wildflower” Lyric Video by 5SOS

“Wildflower” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Besides the flowers circling all around, “Wildflower” has an obvious sexual undertone. The title itself is a reference to the “wild” and “innocent” nature of this girl 5SOS talks about.

5SOS talks about this girl being their “favorite fantasy.” And she is the only person who can ignite that fire in the singer.

In the second verse of the song, Calum sings that he sees the “colour in your veins.” The veins in our body are most visible in areas where body tissue is very soft. We can clearly understand that she is naked with the singer for him to see her veins.

Although “Wildflower” has a quite sexual undertone, the lyrics are beautifully crafted in a way, not to exaggerate the idea. It is still a song that can be enjoyed by anybody.

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