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6ix9ine – GOOBA | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Tekashi 6ix9ine is out of prison and what better way to announce the return than to put out a banger hit with a music video. “GOOBA” is 6ix9ine’s first release in 2020 after being prisoned in 2019 for “racketeering, firearms and drug trafficking charges related to several shootings and assaults around New York City.” Although the Brookly rapper was sentenced for 2 years, he was released for home confinement under Coronavirus scare.

The new single, “GOOBA,” not only announces his return to music, but is also a strong-worded message to his haters-mainly surrounding his confession in late 2019. The rapper got out of prison in April and on May 8th comes a brand new music video shot from the backyard of his residence.

The song released on 6ix9ine’s 24th birthday. The music video has already raked up over 15 million views on YouTube within few hours of release.

Wach “GOOBA” Video by 6ix9ine

“GOOBA” Lyrics Review and Song Meaning


6ix9ine cooperated with the feds when he pleaded guilty for his charges and revealed his partners in crime. In slang this is known as a “d*ck rider.” There is undoubtedly a lot of hate towards the rapper for his “treason” of his criminal partners.

“Twin sisters” in the lyrics refer to 6ix9ine’s girlfriend Rachel Watley and her sister Sara Watley. Both of them appear in the music video just as these lyrics are on.

“As-salāmu alaykum” is a greeting in Arabic which means “Peace be upon you”. Tekashi uses this line to wish peace upon his haters and clout chasers.

Verse 1

In this verse of “GOOBA,” 6ix9ine throws out his frustration with the people he used to associate. These people have turned against him for obvious reasons and Tekashi sees it that they were there with him only to rub off of his clout.

The lines on “Stupid / dumb” are a refence for the rapper’s massive hit “STOOPID.”

The rapper also brings in Coronavirus into the lyrics somehow. He says his former associates are sick, probably for clout. And he adds that he was a trending or hot topic before Coronavirus ever was. The rapper implies that he had a bigger influence than the Coronavirus.

Verse 2

The second verse is dedicated to announcing and rubbing on his hater’s faces that he is back. Maybe many of his haters wanted to see Tekashi’s career coming to an ending with his imprisonment. So he is making a point that he cannot be kept down. The more they hate on him, the more he trends. So keep on hating, says Tekashi!

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  1. Don’t care Stay Mad ⬆⬆⬆. This song just want to give a hating to One Of Religion, I know it because his lyrics doesn’t Make sense to her friend etc etc except The Religious hence that Give them All Afraid. Stay Mad Reptilian Dont Care when you to hell QE

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