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Doja Cat – DINDU NUFFIN | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

A song that sparked controversy as back as 2015 has resurfaced and might take a blow on rising star Doja Cat, once again. Doja Cat uploaded “Dindu Nuffin” to her SoundCloud on November 2, 2015, and took it down soon after. The song was associated with the death of Sandra Bland, which itself is shrouded in mystery. Critics speculated the song to be a mock of the death of Sandra Bland.

The term “dindu nuffin” originates from the phrase “didn’t do nothing (anything)” which is a slogan for police brutality on the African Americans in the USA.

The song resurfaced in May 2020, after Doja Cat was presumably detected in the online community of Tinychat and associating with the members of the alt-right community. This re-sparked the controversy that Doja Cat might be anti-black and the hashtag #DojaCatIsOverParty began trending on Twitter.

Listen to “DINDU NUFFIN” by Doja Cat

The contents to the track barely seem to protest against the African American community. However, the controversy sparked with the reference to the title of the song which is thought to be mostly associated with alt-right communities who are White extremists. “Dindu Nuffin” is a mockery against the plead of the African Americans who were subject to police brutalities all around the country.

Despite this claim, certain lyrics seem to side with the African Americans;

“How much, how much money could a dindu make
If a dindu, did all the things that you wish to”

The above lyrics seem to side with the innocent African Americans who are perceived to be crooks or thugs who make money through illegal means. But they are still poor and if they did all the crooked deeds as presumed by society, they would not be so poor, says Doja Cat.

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