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J. Cole – Snow On Tha Bluff | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Snow On Tha Bluff” is a brand new song released by Carolina-based rapper J. Cole. This is the rapper’s first release of 2020 and addresses many of the social, political, and cultural issues mainly erupting in the United States of America. One single verse flowing for 4 minutes sheds a bright light on some important topics.

“Snow On Tha Bluff” song title is borrowed off of a 2012 movie titled the same. The movie is based around the life of Curtin Snow and his involvements in drugs and theft. The movie has had a lasting impact on music with several artists drawing references to the movie in their songs such as “Track Back Jumpin'” by T.I., “Snowin in the Bluff” by Killer Mike, “Dope Show” by Gucci Mane, and “Mexico” by Kevin Gates.

On J. Cole’s take on the song, the rapper proceeds to talk about police brutality, a topic which was recently resurfaced with the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota, USA. He calls them “murder police.”

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“Snow On Tha Bluff” Meaning

J. Cole starts off the verse by saying that nobody needs to be fooled by the college degree he holds. The current educational system isn’t necessarily focused on producing enriched humans. They might be smart, but they are not humane. However, J. Cole talks about a certain female whom he has been stalking on social media. She sees things, she hears things and she vocalizes these things. This person could be an activist, an artist, or a social media personality. The Internet guesses this person to be Noname, a Chicago based artist.

Later on in the verse, J. Cole turns towards the history of blacks in America. He talks about how it took hundreds of years just for black men not to be considered ‘slaves‘ in this world. So a bill was passed to ‘free’ these men from the iron shackles and the cane shots across their backs. But are they really free today? Looking at the empirical evidence, one might conclude that blacks are still mentally enslaved by the white supremacists.

But J. Cole is unsure if his message is passing through to the listeners. For a fact, the same topic has been the subject of artists for decades now. But the problems only seem to worsen by the day. Are people here for the entertainment value only? Or are people just sheep?

Noname also Tweeted that some of the best-selling artists and fan-favourites aren’t doing enough in cases of social injustice such as the muder of George Floyd. Fans speculated that this was a hint at Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, who have not been vocalizing on current events.

J. Cole also brings in a resolution–a thought process to reduce hating on each other. He suggests that everyone should look at everyone as if they are children. With children, no adult can take any rash decisions. They need love and support and understanding. If this thought process was to be spread around humanity, it would truly be a definition of humanity!

At the end of the verse, J. Cole goes into his conscience. Is he doing enough? This thought ties in with his previous claims made by Noname. Cole feels as if his “contributions” to the social issues are faker than the “story” portrayed in ‘Snow On Tha Bluff movie by Curtis Snow, who records his life with a video camera stolen during a drug deal.

In the outro of the track, J. Cole admits that he has a lot more to grow up–at least in the divine eyes. So does all of us. May be then, God will look upon all of us.

What are your takes on this brand new track by J. Cole? What do you think these lyrics mean? Let us hear in the comments below.

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  1. this song has changed my life completly, thr first time i ever heard this song i just listened, it was probably the realest thing ive heard anyone preach about, its not just a song its a statement, its a conversation to you. listen carefully

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