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Alicia Keys – So Done Ft. Khalid | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Alicia Keys teams up with Khalid for her latest single titled “So Done.” As referenced by Alicia herself, the song will put you into a “trance” of chill vibes.

“So Done” is a part of Alicia Key’s 2020 self-titled album expected to release in December 2020.

Alicia Keys spoke about her collaboration with Khalid in an interview with Billboard magazine;

Obviously, we’ve had mutual respect for each other for a minute, and I’ve been just super proud of him, because he’s such an individual. That’s kind of rare to find. Like, finding people who really stand in their own power, their own zone as a writer, producer and creator. My favorite part about him is that he’s so unafraid to be vulnerable, and to talk about those parts that are maybe not even talked about as much as a young man, as a human and as a person. So I’ve always appreciated that about him, and celebrated him for that. So I knew that if we did something together, it would definitely have a zone and have a vibe. People were asking, “Can you and Khalid do something together?” and it was already on my mind anyway. We connected, got together – and it’s actually crazy because when I reflect on it, I usually don’t write with people that I don’t know, just because it’s such an intimate space. I haven’t written with him before. And we also collaborated with Ludwig Göransson, who’s Childish Gambino’s main producer. None of us have written ever together before. But it was super amazing. It was pure energy and pure light.

She also spoke about the main idea behind the song in the same interview;

We found ourselves in a conversation about being over fixing yourself and changing yourself for other peoples’ benefits. We happened to have that conversation, and I was talking about my personal circumstances and he was talking about his. This song was born out of that. That’s how it happened.

Watch “So Done” Video by Alicia Keys and Khalid

The music video features the American actress Sasha Lane, playing the role of a “misfit” of the today’s broken societal norms.

The song emphasizes on the importance of living your life on your own terms. No one needs to bend to societal pressures, especially in these times where societies are damaged and broken beyond repair.

Sometimes we do things that are toxic to ourselves with or without our knowledge. So it is important to take time to yourself and reflect on your actions and consequences.

Some people come into our lives at the wrong time and in the wrong place. All of these, bundles up, we call them experiences. Some will break us and some will make us. But at the end of the day “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

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