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Internet Money – Lemonade Ft. Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Internet Money producers tap in three rappers, Don Toliver, Gunna, and Nav, for his latest addition to ‘B4THESTORM’ debut studio album. The new song is titled “Lemonade,” and the music video is directed by Cole Bennett.

The song is full of references to different types of drugs that are being abused today. The title of the song, ‘Lemonade’ is slang for Liquid Hydrocodone, an opium derivative used in medicine for alleviating moderate to severe pains.

Other verses also namedrop drugs such as Xanax, codeine, Percocet, Wock, Promethazine, and Adderall.

Watch “Lemonade” Video by Internet Money

In the pre-chorus and chorus of the song, Don Toliver sings about the luxuries their rockstar life has earned them–“so much money it’ll make you laugh.” And they have enough money to waste it on drugs, booze, and women. A ‘suicide door’ is a car door hinged from its rear end as opposed to the more common front hinge. These doors are most common in expensive cars, much like the coupes he mentions in the song.

In the first verse by Nav, he sings about how he made it to the top from nothing. He reminisces his journey to the top of money whilst surrounded by backstabbers. In the music video, we are shown a shark lurking behind Nav in correspondence to these lyrics. He goes on to mention some of the luxuries he has earned through his journey–karat-gold jewelry on his earlobes from VVS. He also boasts about his penthouse.

The second verse on “Lemonade,” by Gunna boasts a lot about different types of drugs. He mentions feeling “gnarly” after consuming them. However, his craze for drugs did not start with his rockstar life–he mentions sipping codeine when he wa fifteen.

Gunna also mentions that loyalty is something he values a lot. He says that he is not going to snitch on any of his brothers, should he get detained by police. This could be a shot at rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

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10 thoughts on “Internet Money – Lemonade Ft. Don Toliver, Gunna & Nav | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

    1. Rafs is the brand of his clothing, Raf Simons is a high end fashion brand and wearing the designer’s clothes makes him look so good that college girls want him.

    2. Rafs is his designer clothing. Raf Simons is a high end fashion brand his stating that wearing the designer’s clothes makes him look so good that college girls want him

  1. its a double meaning. Lemonade my neck was dripping means his neck is decked with jewelry, while it also means that liquid codeine (sp?) Was actually dripping down his face

    1. “dripping” is a term usually used for fashion accessories of the highest ‘cool’ level. And the fact that his neck was dripping relays about the chains and necklaces he wore which were most likely gold and diamond.

        1. no that’s not true, it means of the 33 degrees. Just search “33 degrees”. It will be hard to see, because we’re all stupid to listen to pop music and shit, rip x…

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