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24kGoldn – Mood | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

San Fransico based rapper 24kGoldn teams up with the Texas based rapper iann dior for his latest single which turned out to be a massive hit. The new track, titled “Mood,” sings about being stuck in a toxic relationship.

The new track is part of 24kGoldn’s upcoming debut studio album, and follows the first release from the album “Unbelievable” in April 2020.

In the song, both the rappers talk about their girls who are always in a ‘mood’ and it’s getting quite excessive and intolerable. It has come to the point that the guys are quite fed up with their girl’s behaviors and rules. Despite the sullen story, the song has a very upbeat tune.

Watch “Mood” by 24kGoldn Ft. iann dior

The very catchy chorus of the song sums up the problems in these relationships. The guys wonder what is up with their girls’ moods all the time. ‘Acting brand new’ is a way of saying that the girls’ traits keep on changing all the time.

The guys are straightforward about what is going on: they don’t want to tell the girls what they should and should not be doing. But they definitely need to chill it down. Maybe these girls changed after getting together with these artists? Fame and money can change people in the blink of an eye.

In the first verse by iann dior, he confesses that he is not the one to commit. When he starts getting feelings towards a girl, he tries to distance himself from getting into a relationship. He also says that he is not going to pet her around like her daddy did when she was growing up. The singer wants her for her company–not her mood swings and fights.

In the second verse by 24kGoldn, he suspects that her love might be fake in this relationship. He sees no interest from her keep this relationship afloat. “blowin’ up his cellular” might sound a little needy from the guy. Still, he calls their relationship “mismatched” from the beginning.

After going through the two verses, we are not sure who is at fault in both of these relationships. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

Update: 26/11/2020

24kGoldn released a remix of his hit track in collaboration with Justin Bieber, J Balvin, and the original collaborator, iann dior. A lyric video was also released.

6 thoughts on “24kGoldn – Mood | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. The song for me tells being in a relationship just to chill. Unfortunately, the two have no mutual purpose and so, their needs aren’t meet. The girl being needy, and the other refuse to let his guards down. They are indeed “mismatch”.

  2. It’s really nice to hear a song by two men that isn’t about them wanting sex or to use their girlfriend as a slave, but they just want company. It’s really sweet when you think about it.

    1. I doubt that they’re being sweet. They still want the girls for sex slaves. Basically the girls have to put up with guys ways of mistreatment and head games. Yea they’re not playing by the girls rules but the girls have to play by their rules? Double standard BS

  3. I relate a lot to this. I was in a relationship where my girlfriend kept changing everything about herself and went onto things too strong.

  4. This song I’ve got to say is the meaning of a relationship we just want company nothing else,its also true when I get feelings for someone I end up acting like I don’t even know the person cause sometimes things could go wrong then you just start asking your self was it me or…… All in all this song describes my personality towards relationships . Thanks 24Goldn and Iain dior

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