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SZA – Hit Different Ft. Ty Dolla $ign | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

SZA links up with Ty Dolla $ign for her surprise single “Hit Different.” The song walks through the emotions of being in an open relationship.

“Hit Different” is part of SZA’s upcoming second studio album to be announced yet. The song releases amidst SZA’s legal battles with her record label.

In the song, both SZA and Ty seem to admit that there is a different sting realizing that their partner could be with someone and there is nothing none of them can do about it, as they are in an open relationship with each other.

Watch “Hit Different” Vide by SZA

In the first verse of the song, SZA admits that she walked into this stinger in broad daylight. She knew that there was never “mine” in this relationship. It was something she took on as a challenge and failed at more and more every day. She kept on falling for this guy. Something about this guy hit her different and kept her attached in a no-strings-attached relationship.

In the second verse, we learn that there are no mirrored feelings from the guy towards her. He still comes in for the one-night stands. She wants to know if it hurts him at all to see her with another man, just like how it hurts her to see him with another woman. But she will never get an answer for this, and she will forever suffer from her one-sided strings.

Boo’d Up” could be a shoutout to the debut single of the same name by Ella Mai.

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