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“Lithuania” is the twelfth track on Big Sean’s 2020 album ‘Detroit 2.’ The song features vocals by Travis Scott, and the duo boast about their success in the music game and in turn in their personal lifes.

A music video was, too, released for the track along with the album release on September 4, 2020.

The song title, “Lithuania,” is a reference to the Baltic state of the same name in the European region, bordered by countries such as Belarus, Latvia, and Poland. In the context of the song, the reference to the far less popular country of “Lithuania” may be a hint that Big Sean ad Travis are at a level of success and luxury that they have crossed off the popular countries and now are on to the less popular ones.

Watch “Lithuania” Video by Big Sean

At the start of the track, Big Sean shouts that this track is a Public Service Announcement (PSA). Their success should ultimately motivate us to grind for the same at least. This is a common theme in Big Sean’s music.

In the chorus, Travis Scott mentions the popular game of Tic-Tac-Toe where one needs to get three straight X’s or O’s on a 3×3 board. He turns the O’s into a metaphor for the big gold rings he wears–might be three in a row as well.

On the first verse by Travis Scott, the rapper talks about his Californian lifestyle drenched in luxury. He gives a shout out to the 2001 classic movie ‘Mulholland Drive,’ which is also a scenic route in California. He also talks about making the stacks of money which enables him to live a lavish lifestyle surrounded by good food, wine, booze, and women.

On the second verse by Big Sean, he sings about being blessed and cursed at the same time. Nobody has perfect lives. But we have a will to turn our lives into whatever we want. Big Sean says that he just makes sure that his probelems don’t outweight his blessings. That is an important scale to keep an eye on.

Big Sean also gives a major shoutout to two of the biggest artists of our generation and two of their biggest hits: Price and his most famous hit “Purple Rain,” and Michael Jackson and his popular hit “Man in the Mirror.”

Savage x Fenty‘ is a reference to the lingerie line by Rihanna, another massively successful and popular artist. Another minor detail to notice is that all these three artists are of Black descendants, much like the two artists on “Lithuania.”

Success is a chain reaction, I’m the f*ckin’ missin’ link (Uh-huh)

The above lyric would be the takeaway message on this song. Big Sean implies that success is a chain with many links, and almost every time, ‘you’ are the missing link on it. If a chain is missing even one link, it all falls apart. This is the same with success. If ‘you’ don’t control other links around you, success will merely be just a dream.

Let us hear what you think about this track in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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