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Sam Smith – Diamonds | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Sam Smith premiered the second single off of his upcoming 2020 album ‘Love Goes.’ The new single, titled “Diamonds,” talks about all the precious feelings he had when he was with his partner. But when they left him, so did everything that Sam Smith found valuable…

“Diamonds” is the second single off of Sam Smith’s third studio album ‘Love Goes’ expected to release in October 2020. The first single, titled “My Oasis,” was released in July 2020.

“Diamonds” single was released on September 18, 2020, along with a music video that shows a dance choreography by Sam Smith by himself.

Watch “Diamonds” Video by Sam Smith

“Diamonds” Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Sam Smith elaboarates on the nature of the relationship he had with his ex. Sam Smith contemplates if what they had was real at all. He recalls having all the luxury in the world for them at their disposal. He was so into this person, and this person was so into all the things they had.

They mean nothing to me anymore
But to you, they were everything

In other words, this is to suggest that his ex was most likely using Sam Smith for his luxuries. But when they grew over these finer things, they moved on. Sam Smith never loved these material things and now they just bring him distasteful memories.


Sam Smith screams at them to take all the materialistic things they loved with them. Sam would not be needing them and even the sight of them brings him pain. Sam Smith has come to the bitter realization that they were only in his life for the ‘glitter and gold.’


‘Diamonds’ are a metaphor for things of value. Sam Smith has been saying that he has little to no care for all the luxuries he had. So to say that “my diamonds leave with you,” could mean that the only thing he valued above all, love, leaves with them walking out on him.

But Sam Smith is wiser than to chase after them. He knows that this person was in his life for one thing only–stuff.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Sam Smith laments at his mistake of trusting people so easily. He realizes that he was conned in the name of love. However, Sam Smith cares less about all the material things they used from him. Sam Smith is only worried about being so naive to let someone like that into his life. “Lies” come in different shapes and forms. It can be very tricky to protect ourselves from them.

Don’t let your diamonds AKA heart get stolen by the wrong people!

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