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Travis Scott – Franchise Ft. Young Thug & M.I.A. | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Travis Scott teamed up with McDonald’s fast-food network to introduce a Travis Scott Burger just earlier this month. Interestingly enough, his next single is titled “Franchise,” which is the type of business McDonald’s is. However, this song is not about the fast-food chain, but rather how Travis’s wealth has grown like a fast-food network.

The single is part of Travis’s upcoming fourth studio album titled ‘Utopia.’ Other known song on the album at the time is “Highest In The Room” released in October 2019. The new single features vocals by Young Thug and M.I.A.

On “Franchise,” Travis Scott pays homage to Dem Franchize Boyz’ hit “White Tee” from 2004. There are also several other namedrops such as Hype Williams, Spike Lee, and bids farewell to rapper Pop Smoke.

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“Franchise” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


On the hook of the song, Travis Scott pays homage to Dem Franchize Boyz and their hit track “White Tee.” He also pays tribute to Hype Williams, a video director well-known for working with high-profile artists. Also, Travis mentions that he is unboxing checks which is not a concept familiar to the ordinary. Usually large packages come in boxes. So Travis hints that his earnings come in boxes filled with checks.

Verse 1

Travis Scott kicks off the first verse with a shout out to his new brand and persona Cactus Jack, which can be seen all over the music video as well. He also shouts out Spike Lee’s famous movie ‘Bamboozled.’

Travis Scott also boasts about his new Record Label ‘Cactus Jack’ saying he made his own record label to sign himself a deal.

The rapper shouts out to his close friend DJ Chase B, calling them Siamese Twins, who are conjoined twins.

Verse 2

The second verse on “Franchise” is performed by Young Thug. On his lyrics, he shouts out to Ferrari sports cars referring to their butterfly doors. He also adds that he has raked up twenty million dollars in net worth and he did all of it by his effort and not by luck.

Young Thug also goes to shout out the rapper Pop Smoke, who passed away after being shot on February 19, 2020. Young Thug invites everyone to keep his legacy (“smoke”) alive. Young Thug also mentions Travis Scott’s Nike shoes, referring to them as without strings. “No strings attached” is also a reference to sexual relationships without commitments.

Verse 3

Rapper M.I.A. jumps on the third verse of “Franchise.”

In this verse, M.I.A. shouts out to fellow Cactus Jack label signee Sheck Wes and his track “Chippi Chippi.”

She also raps that she is enjoying life right now including a round of golf, a ride on Kawasaki luxury motorcycle, and catch some fish in spare time.

Travis Scott jumps in the middle of the verse to shoutout to his upcoming album ‘Utopia’ and rhymes it with the movie ‘Zootopia.’ In the final line of the verse, Travis Scott also shouts out his 2019 compilation album ‘JACKBOYS.’

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