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Tory Lanez – Friends Become Strangers | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Friends Become Strangers” is the third track on Tory Lanez’s 2020 album ‘DAYSTAR.’ On the track, Tory Lanez talks about all the friends who turned into strangers as a result of his fame and fortune.

Tory Lanez released his sixth studio album ‘DAYSTAR’ on September 25, 2020. The album title is a homage to the rapper’s birth name ‘Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson.’ Despite the legal and publicity situations surrounding the shooting, Tory Lanez released the album as scheduled.

Tory Lanez released a song titled “Old Friends x New Foes” in his 2018 album ‘MEMORIES DON’T DIE,’ which takes a similar theme to this track.

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“Friends Become Strangers” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Tory Lanez talks about how certain people in his life have changed so much over the years that he doesn’t even know them anymore. He is most surprised by the transformation of the people who were closest to him. They knew him, and they knew the real story. But still, they were all fed with lies through other sources/people. And when a million people shout out the same lie and only ten people shout out the truth, the lie takes over.

Tory Lanez also says that some people grew apart out of pure jealousy. The people he met when he was working a 9 to 5 job could not understand how Tory grew to become one of the biggest stars in the world. While they got drunk and got wasted after 5 o’clock, Tory was in the studio grinding. That is the part that no one ever sees or understands. They only see the results–the luxuries that the artists can afford. And they become jealous.

The rapper’s only wish is that someday, through some magic, all these people will see eye-to-eye with him.

Verse 2

Whilst he is hopeful, Tory Lanez also knows that somethings won’t ever change. He realizes that his name has earned a bad rep in the industry. On his track “Money Over Fallouts,” the rapper suggested that his skin color attracts a lot of baseless hate towards him.

In the second verse, Tory Lanez specifically talks about his affairs, and how those people grew apart through the years. He confesses that he has seen love turn into lies and games over time. The people who you recognized as ‘best friends,’ were your worst enemies after a while.

An interesting line from the verse is: “When the world unveil your curtains and all they laughin’ at’s your pain…” This would hint that every time Tory tried to open himself to a significant other, it did not work out. For some reason, his past demons were a laughable matter to them. This is one of the worst experiences, ever!

Understandably, Tory is also worried about attracting the wrong partner because of his fame. There are many people who will not think twice to use you for your money and fame. Tory wonders if these women would even bother to learn his real name and see something beyond his stage name and persona.

In the latter part of the verse, Tory Lanez envisions how his life could be with the perfect woman by his side. He imagines him returning from a tour, and the children and the wife come running to the front door to welcome him home. He imagines the wife embracing him with her two hands wide open. But reality strikes the rapper. This is not real life. In reality. He always has to keep second-guessing.

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