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Shawn Mendes – Always Been You | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Always Been You” is the eleventh track on Shawn Mendes’s 2020 album ‘Wonder.’ Much like many other songs on the album, “Always Been You” is also a dedication to the singer’s lover, confessing his love for her.

‘Wonder’ is Shawn Mendes’s fourth studio album released on December 4, 2020. The lead single and the title track of the album, “Wonder,” was released in October, followed by the second single “Monster” featuring Justin Bieber in November 2020. According to Shawn Mendes, the overarching theme of the album is ‘freedom’ and ‘not being afraid’ to express himself.

Throughout the song, Shawn Mendes seems to confess that he has found the One. And he is convinced that she has always been the one for him–a play in the making all these years.

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“Always Been You” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Shawn Mendes equates his love life to a ‘fairytale,’ which is the best kind of tale there ever could be. And the singer recalls the time when they first met, out of normal circumstances. If Shawn Mendes is talking about his current girlfriend Camila Cabello, the two first met in 2014 when Camila was part of the girl group Fifth Harmony and was opening for Austin Mahone. So, Shawn Mendes believes that she was ‘sent’ his way by some higher power. If it wasn’t for this random chance of events, Shawn Mendes claims that he would still be searching for the One.

A few years into their relationship, Shawn Mendes claims that she knows all his dark spots and weaknesses. Choosing to love someone despite their flaws is the purest form of love and Shawn Mendes believes this is what they have.

The song takes a strong stance on being confident about the love Shawn Mendes has. He will likely do everything in his power to protect and preserve this relationship.

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