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Shawn Mendes – Dream | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Dream” is the seventh track on Shawn Mendes’s 2020 album ‘Wonder.’ The song is a sweet tribute to Shawn Mendes’s significant other and always being near to her even when they are apart.

‘Wonder’ is Shawn Mendes’s fourth studio album released on December 4, 2020. The lead single and the title track of the album, “Wonder,” was released in October, followed by the second single “Monster” featuring Justin Bieber in November 2020. According to Shawn Mendes, the overarching theme of the album is ‘freedom’ and ‘not being afraid’ to express himself.

Some lyrics in the song suggest the song is about Shawn Mendes’s now-girlfriend Camila Cabello. Her 2019 album ‘Romance’ also had a track titled “Dream of You.”

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“Dream” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song winds around the two lovers being apart physically and how he copes up with her absence. In the first verse of the song, Shawn Mendes specifically mentions that the girl is living in London. Camila Cabello was born in Cuba and lives in the US. However, she was in London, UK, for filming the movie ‘Cinderella.’

All the lyrics on the song are proof of how lonely the singer feels when she is not around him. His coping mechanism is closing his eyes, going to a dream state, and dreaming of her. In mind and spirit, they will be together. You don’t necessarily have to go to sleep to dream about someone.

In Camila’s 2019 track “Dream of You,” she sings: “All I do, the whole day through, is dream of you” and in the bridge of the song, she sings: “Please say you dream of me too.” So, could this song be Shawn Mendes’s response to her?

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