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Shawn Mendes – Teach Me How to Love | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Teach Me How to Love” is the fifth track on Shawn Mendes’s 2020 album ‘Wonder.’ The song is a drum-driven track of how the singer wants his lover to show him how to love her. This idea comes from a place of vulnerability and admiration for the singer’s lover of not wanting to lose her.

‘Wonder’ is Shawn Mendes’s fourth studio album released on December 4, 2020. The lead single and the title track of the album, “Wonder,” was released in October, followed by the second single “Monster” featuring Justin Bieber in November 2020. According to Shawn Mendes, the overarching theme of the album is ‘freedom’ and ‘not being afraid’ to express himself.

Shawn Mendes talked about “Teach Me How to Love” on Twitter;

“Teach Me How to Love” was the very first song we did in the studio with Tom and Nate in New York. That’s actually one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s kind of an outlier of the album because it sounds like it’s not in the same world as everything else, but I think that’s what makes it feel so good too. I think it really captured the energy that we had the first day we got in the studio together and Tom and his excitement for 70s drums and Nate got right in and picked up an instrument super jet-lagged and started shredding immediately. That song came together like magic.”

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“Teach Me How to Love” Lyric Meaning and Song Review

In this song, Shawn Mendes is on a mission. He is on a mission to make his lover feel like the queen she is–both emotionally and physically.

Shawn Mendes compares his lover’s body to the ocean, remaining to be explored for all its riches and mysteries. Only less than 5% of the Earth’s oceans have been explored up to date. The more you know about something, the better you can take care of it and enjoy it. This applies to both oceans and human bodies.

The song continuously asks the girl to tell him what she wants and how she wants them. It might seem like the singer is clueless about what needs to be done to love her and make her happy. However, it feels as if this request comes from a place of love and determination to make her the happiest person ever, which is noble!

The more physical pleasing aspect of the song appears in lyrics such as “Touch you, tease, caress you, and please you” and “And I’ll get on my knees.” The latter is an expression of weakness, too.

And Shawn Mendes promises to not stop doing what she deserves until she feels the rush–both physically and mentally.

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