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Ed Sheeran – Afterglow | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Afterglow” is a brand new song by Ed Sheeran, and unfortunately not part of the breadcrumbs leading into a new album. However, this beautiful ballad is complete with a music video and is dedicated to his wife Cherry Seaborn Sheeran.

Releasing the song on December 21, 2020, Ed Sheeran added; “Hey guys. Afterglow is a song I wrote last year that I wanted to release for you. It’s not the first single from the next album, it’s just a song I love, and hope you love too. Enjoy ! Have a safe and happy festive break and New Year’s. Back to dad land for me now, ciao x.”

The artwork for the song is a painting done by Ed Sheeran himself done after his 2019 world tour ended.

Watch “Afterglow” Video by Ed Sheeran

“Afterglow” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

All throughout the lyrics, Ed Sheeran describes how mesmerized he is by this beautiful soul next to him–his wife. He paints a picture of a beautiful Saturday morning where the golden sunlight bathes her sitting on the patio. Ed Sheeran would not mind all the clock/time stopping around him because he would like to live in this moment forever.


Ed Sheeran uses seasons to paint the emotions involved in being in love and alone. In the first verse, we found the couple in a glorious morning bathed in sunlight. In the pre-chorus, Ed says that before he found her, it was as if he was lost in a winter storm. The season of winter symbolizes loneliness and the heart gone cold without love.

Even if they had met at a time of darkness around them, their love kept burning bright and warm to keep them alive until the winter cleared.

‘Afterglow’ is a residual glow after the main light source has burnt out. Ed Sheeran promises that he will hold on to this love till the end of times, and some more!

Verse 2

Throughout the song, weather plays an important role to describe the dynamics of this relationship. From winter to summer to back to winter again. Relationships have their own ups and downs, just like how changing weather poses us different challenges. However, love and trust are two important elements to protect the relationship from such adversities.

Ed Sheeran also shouts out to folk-singer/songwriter Iron & Wine in these lyrics. Listening to some indie-folk music in the warmth of the house with your soulmate while outside is covered in six inches of snow, is a different feeling altogether.

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