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SZA – Good Days | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Good Days” is a brand new song by singer SZA released just in time for the holidays. In the song, SZA sings about moving on from the negativities of the past and looking forward to better days.

“Good Days,” released on December 25, 2020, is the follow-up to her hit single “Hit Different” released in September 2020. Both tracks are expected to be part of SZA’s second studio album which is to be unveiled yet.

On the track, SZA sings about how she wasted her time on the wrong person in the past. She Tweeted something similar a few days prior to the song release “I dated a cap for a decade .. I beg to differ lol all love tho!” in response to a fan’s Tweet.

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“Good Days” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

At the start of the song, we hear that SZA is having trouble moving on from the clutches of her ragged past. The biggest of her worries is moving on from her past relationship, which she thought was the one. But in hindsight, she clearly sees now that she was holding on to a dream. And it hurts to admit that you were wrong!

Just when it looks like things might be okay, it hits her hard again. She crawls back into her shell.

But SZA realizes that this is no way to live. She has to move on. She has to take care of herself. The world does not come to a halt just because you got beaten in a relationship once. There’s more to come on that battlefront.

However, wanting to move on is the first step towards healing. And she tries to clear her dark thoughts and clear up space for fresh ones. SZA has hope for better days ahead. Good days might be just around the corner. But for this ‘good’ to come in, you have to keep yourself open to the possibilities.

SZA still has one worry–she wonders if she wasted the best of her life with that wrong person. But, the best of your life is when you make it to be!

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  1. Moving on is the best thing to do. I have experienced and passed through alot of sh*t.🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

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