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Zayn – Vibez | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

It is no argument that Zayn has some of the most chill songs in the industry right now. His latest project, the first in 2021, titled “Vibez” is the perfect name for his entire catalog. But this is the new single off of his upcoming third studio album.

“Vibez” will likely be the final single off of Zayn’s upcoming studio album ‘Nobody Is Listening’ due to release on January 15, 2021. The new single follows the lead single off of the album, titled “Better” released in September 2020.

In “Vibez,” Zayn follows up his usual theme of romantic lullabies about his girlfriend and the mother of his newborn daughter; Gigi Hadid. He insinuates that the vibes around the two are on point always.

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“Vibez” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Throughout the song, Zayn sings about the emotional and physical connection between him and his partner. He already knows that their connection is purely good vibes.

Zayn also confesses how much he craves her love, affection, and touch. He says that the days without her by his side drive him crazy and make him want her more and more. And he is not all about receiving. Zayn asks her what she wants and he will be there to serve any of her needs. He wishes to do the things that he dreams of doing with her, and by the mood of the song, we can say that she is on board too.

The singer’s partner has those vibes that make her irresistible to him. And after a few years of being together, and after one child, this is a good connection to have in a relationship.

They seem to have the spark still going on!

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