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Eminem – Higher | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

On January 15, 2021, the official social media accounts for Eminem on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram released the following message: “‘I look around, I see the fans’ Need your help- send in videos singing the hook to #Higher!.” This call for all Stans around the world was certainly heard by many and, by looking at the brand new music video released, their responses were not gone to waste.

On January 23, 2021, Eminem released the official music video for “Higher” from the album ‘Music to Be Murdered By: Side B.’ The video is also the theme song for the UFC257 featuring a clash between Dustin Poirier vs Connor McGregor later on the same day.

The music video for “Higher” captured the essence of UFC as Eminem portrays himself as a fighter on a mission. His mission is overcoming the most ruthless opponent that we all face–our own selves! The video also features a cameo by Dana White, the current chairman of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Watch “Higher” Video by Eminem

“Higher” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The essence of the song is that Eminem is on the top of the music game and every time he thinks he has hit the ceiling, he finds more room to grow and more space to climb up. This ‘space’ is not something handed to him on a silver platter. They are opportunities he has created for himself through hard work, dedication, and pure skill.

The intro to the song is proof enough of how much love and dedication Eminem has for the music game;

You know, I’ve been around for a while now
Not sure if I have much left to prove
Yeah I do, haha

Eminem has nothing to prove to anyone after decades and decades actively involved in the rap and hip hop game and being on the top continuously. But, he still believes he has more to do and more to give. Pushing at half a century in age, Eminem has no plans of slowing down!

Eminem says “That one day someway, somehow, if I get the chance to get a crowd / I’d flip it around and have a crowd give me the chants” in the first verse of the song. Eminem ground hard at his craft since day one waiting for an opportunity. Maybe meeting up with Dr. Dre was his one chance at everything, and boy did he capitalize. An audience at a concert is there to listen to their favorite artist. But when the audience chants the artist’s songs along with him, that’s when you know, you have made a difference and an impact!

And this is the exact thing Eminem proves with the short video clips of Stans all around the world singing lyrics of “Higher” shown in its music video.

In the second verse of the song, Eminem says that although he is at the top of his game and still keeps on breaking new highs, he still has his roots deeply tied down. He is the same person who was battling in the underground rap scene back in the 90s. He still has a “Brain full of wit, dangerous.”

In the third verse of the song, Eminem says how he has been grinding at it since he was a little kid. He may not have been rapping as a kid. But he certainly bottled up some nuclear power inside of him absorbing the chaos around him; “Addict mom and deadbeat dad” and “The East side slums.” Em has no regrets about any of these. They fueled him for decades to come!

Em also fires a warning shot for anyone who wants to come at him in the game. He might be pushing 50, but he is still firing within. And he is not afraid to pick up the pen against anyone who has the audacity to step up to him. This is not just ‘all talk and no gas.’ These threats are backed by real-life actions throughout Em’s career.

Let us hear what you think about the song and the video in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics and further meaning breakdown on Genius.

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