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xQcOW Sings “Hey There Delilah” to Chat on Rare Stream Ending

Félix Lengyel or better known by his social media presence as xQcOW is a professional Twitch streamer and a content creator. He is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch with over 7.5 million followers and averaging 50,000+ live views every day! With this much power comes, big responsibilities and one of them is keeping his community happy and taken care of. In one rare stream ending, xQc decided to sing the infamous “Hey There Delilah” by Plain White T’s to the chat. This was one very wholesome moment.

xQc started off his streaming career as a tank player in the video game Overwatch. He is a decent enough gamer. But can we say the same thing about his singing? Maybe not. Watch this video of xQc doing a Twitch karaoke!

One could say that it takes a lot of guts to sing on stream when you have only achieved ‘warlord’ status in gaming. So, it was a special and soul-bearing moment when xQcOW sang “Hey There Delilah” on stream.

xQc’s usual stream endings are of him saying goodbye and goodnight to chat while the same animated background plays on stream. But he lurks for a few minutes before actually going offline. So, this singing ending is one rare ending out of the ordinary–a special tribute to his fans!

Listen to “Hey There Delilah” Cover by xQcOW Live on Stream


As usual, xQc’s live audience was refusing to leave chat whilst the stream was ending. So, xQc devices a strategy to chase away them: his singing voice.

“Since you guys wanna be edgy, and still wait in the chat and not wanna leave, I gotchu man,” says xQc before he starts singing.

The reactions from the live audience during this singing was mixed as usual. There were many appreciating the ‘rare ending.’ A whole lot more were spamming ‘I enjoyed my stay’ as per tradition. Some others were spamming ‘okay, I’m gone, stop,’ as was the intention of xQc’s singing ending. A handful of others were appreciating his ‘voice of an angel’ too. So, yeah, mixed reactions. But almost everybody in the audience appreciated being part of one of the rare endings of xQc’s streams.

One comment, on the above YouTube video, by Tristyn Miller perfectly sums up the whole situation as a fan of xQc; “Bless his little heart; so out of key, but it’s okay. Xqcl.”

Bless xQc’s heart indeed. As he himself says often; “The result is irrelevant because the effort was there.”

And the effort was there 100%. Keep getting the juice, xQc!

Let us know what you think about xQc’s singing and this rare stream ending with “Hey There Delilah” in a comment below.

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