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Justin Bieber – Ghost | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Ghost” is the eleventh track on Justin Bieber’s 2021 album ‘Justice.’ In this song, Justin Bieber sings about the memories of a relationship once was. The ghosts of this relationship are still haunting him.

Justin Bieber released his sixth studio album ‘Justice’ on March 19, 2021. This is his follow-up project to the 2020 release ‘Changes.’ Announcing the new album, Justin Bieber said “This is me doing a small part. My part. I want to continue the conversation of what justice looks like so we can continue to heal.”

In the song, Justin Bieber relapses to the memories once were. He recalls how he was young and naive once and imagines that love lasted forever. But life happens and people and plans change. And sometimes, we get stuck in the past.

Listen to “Ghost” by Justin Bieber

In the first verse of the song, Justin Bieber sings of a bridge that his partner crossed which separated their journey together. A ‘bridge’ signifies a significant milestone in the journey of life. Maybe they came to a disagreement which they couldn’t look past. Maybe she changed her plans for her future. Whichever it was, it was a bridge that Bieber could not cross, even for love.

And Justin Bieber is stuck in the past; “If I can’t be close to you / I’ll settle for the ghost of you.” Bieber is happier with the ecstasy of the memories than being by himself.

The word ‘youngblood’ is quite unique to be random. It could be a shoutout to the English singer YUNGBLUD, who also has an unreleased song titled “Tomorrow’s Just Another Yesterday.”

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