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COVID’s Mental Health Toll: The effects and how to overcome them!

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted our mental health in ways we can’t truly fathom. Many of us are faced with challenges that are extremely overwhelming and stressful causing strong reactive emotions in both adults and children. Public health interventions related to Covid-19 like physical distancing is key to reduce the spread of this devastating virus. However, it has led to many individuals feeling lonely and isolated, causing an increase in anxiety and stress. Learning healthy ways to cope with stress has become much more important than ever before. It is key to making you, your family, and your loved ones more resilient and strong.

According to the latest statistics, there has been a significant increase of as much as 30% in stress, anxiety, and depression among adults during the COVID-19 period compared to pre-COVID times.

Generally, stress could lead to the following symptoms:

  • Feelings of anger, fear, worry, frustration, sadness, or numbness
  • Changes in energy, interests, desires, or appetite
  • Impacts on concentration and decision-making prowess
  • Physical elements like body pains, skin rashes, headaches, or digestive issues
  • A gradual increase in both mental health and chronic health conditions
  • Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances

Consequently, it is quite natural to have feelings of anxiety, grief, worry, and anxiety during this
pandemic. If you are experiencing any of this emotional distress, you will be pleased to find out
that there are many healthy ways to help deal with and overcome it. Read on to find out more
about the ways that can help you cope up with this unprecedented stress and anxiety during the

Healthy mannerisms to help you Cope with anxiety and Stress

It is best to be well-informed, but getting information about the pandemic day and night can cause extreme stress. Remember to go on and off social media for just a few hours a day to avoid the influence of the TV, phone and other screens for a bit. A social media break may do wonders for your mental health.

Taking care of your body: This can include breathing exercises, physical exercise, and meditation. Always try to eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet. Have a proper exercise regime to adhere to. You must get plenty of sleep, but not too much of it! Avoid excessive sleeping. But not only that, but you must also avoid excessive tobacco, alcohol, and other harmful substances.

Adhere to all the routine preventative care and measures related to COVID and other illnesses. This may include vaccinations for your children, regular checkups with your doctor, and stepping up your good health habits. And when the COVID-19 vaccine is available in your region, make sure to get yourself and your family vaccinated. Set some time aside to relax and unwind. You can also indulge in other activities and hobbies you enjoy. A pet dog can be a great friend and help!

Connecting with others going through similar emotions may also be helpful. Try to uplift each other with positive talks and acknowledge the bizarre situation we live in. Remember, that it is a global impediment, and people of all walks of life have been reduced to face this impediment.

Connecting with one’s community or even faith-based organizations can have a positive impact. Although you may not be able to visit places like you used to, you can always connect to your trusted circle on online platforms. Phone calls, emails, and social media are all available for you to connect.

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