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Doja Cat – Kiss Me More Ft. SZA | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Have you ever wondered if Doja Cat is out of this world? The music video for “Kiss Me More” will support your doubts. In the new single, Doja Cat and SZA play some other-worldly goddesses who trap puny astronauts who wander into their world.

“Kiss Me More” is the first official single released from Doja Cat’s upcoming third studio album ‘Planet Her.’ The album is expected to release in June 2021. Releasing the music video for “Kiss Me More,” the notes read “Kiss Me More” was mixed with an immersive #360RA​ experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.” So, go ahead and try it out.

In the music video, we see an astronaut, played by model Alex Landi, stranded on a strange planet. He finds a sleek-looking canoe and paddles it down a stream where he comes across the massive beings on this strange planet–a 100-foot Doja Cat. At one point down the stream, the astronaut comes across a closed door, and he has to eat a strange fruit to open the door. He does eat the fruit and takes a trippy fall. A trippy fall right into a glass beacon that traps puny human beings by the overlords of this planet. In a funny turn of events in the living room of Doja Cat and SZA, they play a video game that follows the same storyline of what happened to the astronaut.

Watch “Kiss Me More” Music Video by Doja Cat Ft. SZA

In the lyrics to the song, Doja Cat sings about falling in love and making out…a lot. Adding on to the topic, both girls sing about their sexual prowess over their partners and how they are the talk of the town around the world.

This is the ideal daily routine for Doja Cat;

Taste breakfast, lunch, and gin and juice
And that dinner just like dessert too
And when we French, refresh, gimme two
When I bite that lip, come get me too

‘French’ refers to french kisses. As for food, french could also refer to French wine.

Drop a comment below of your thoughts on the song and the music video. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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