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Don Toliver – What You Need | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“What You Need” is the lead single off of Don Toliver’s 2021 album ‘L.O.A.D.’ On the track, the singer promises his girl all the luxuries in the world, in exchange, only expecting her company and some pills to elevate it all up!

“What You Need,” released on May 4, 2021, serves as the lead single off of Don Toliver’s second studio album ‘L.O.A.D.’ expected to release before the Summer. This the Houston-based rapper’s follow-up album to his highly successful debut studio album ‘Heaven or Hell’ released in early 2020. Don Toliver announced on social media that he will be planning a world tour after the new album drops.

The music video for the song starts with the phrase ‘Justicia Para Colombia’ in the wake of recent aggravated protests happening in the country. The video also features the American singer Kali Uchis for a cameo.

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“What You Need” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

WARNING: explicit lyrics ahead!


In the chorus of the song, Don Toliver promises his girl all the luxuries money can afford. And he has plenty of money to go around. He promises her ‘double C’ products, a reference to the luxury fashion brand Chanel (with the logo of two Cs). In return, Don only expects a good time. And his good time involves a lot of sex.

Don Toliver sings about his preference for “unconventional” sex. In slang, ‘go to town’ is a reference to normal sexual intercourse. Don says he prefers to hang “out of town and in them cheeks.” He also likes her to be on her knees when he is finishing up.

Don Toliver also raps about taking Xanax pills–an anti-depressant. But it is also intoxicating and highly addictive.


In these lyrics, Don Toliver promises more gifts for her–Gucci, a house over her head, and even cash if she wants.


In the only verse of the song, Don Toliver sings about how he can afford anything she wants. It does not matter for him how much the price tag is on any of them. It will only be more dividends (i.e. big payouts) for dating him.

Don also sings how he got in the music game just to be heard. But now, having skyrocketed to fame after one album, he is sitting on millions of dollars.

All-in-all, Don Toliver is living the life he imagined and he has some spare change to throw away.

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