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DJ Khaled – Sorry Not Sorry Ft. Nas & JAY-Z | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Sorry Not Sorry” is the tenth track on DJ Khaled’s 2021 album ‘KHALED KHALED.’ This is the most decorated track on the album with features from Nas, Jay-Z, James Fauntleroy, and Harmonies by The Hive. Who is Harmonies by The Hive? Let’s find out.

Despite DJ Khaled seeming to run out of album names, he still seems to pump out hits which is evident from the brand new “Sorry Not Sorry.” Khaled is returning from his 2019 album titled ‘Father of Asahd,’ named in tribute to his son. ‘KHALED KHALED’ is DJ Khaled’s twelfth studio album released on April 30, 2021.

“Sorry Not Sorry” has four features, most prominently by Nas and Jay-Z. The chorus is performed by James Fauntleroy. However, there is no direct vocal track by Harmonies by The Hive even though they are credited. Looking into who Harmonies by The Hive might be, we cannot ignore the tiny vocalizations by Beyonce throughout the track. Beyonce, the wife of Jay-Z, is also adored by the name Queen Bey or Queen B (bee). Bees live in beehives and finally, it might make sense why Harmonies by The Hive is a thing on “Sorry Not Sorry.”

DJ Khaled had no explanation of the above, but he seemed to be very happy about getting all these artists together on a track; “You see the gift I gave to the world. Me. Jay-Z. Nas. I got James on the hook. And Harmonies by the Hive. Okay, hold on. Listen. That’s a gift.”

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“Sorry Not Sorry” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


James Fauntleroy performs the chorus of the song on behalf of DJ Khaled. He sings how he came up from nothing to being one of the biggest artists in the world. He is living the dream right now. The album ‘KHALED KHALED’ is full of features from the top artists in the world from Jay-Z, Nas, Cardi B, Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Megan Thee Stallion, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, 21 Savage, Big Sean, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, Drake, and more. This goes on to show the influence DJ Khaled has in the industry.

‘Sorry not sorry’ is a phrase used to say that you are not sorry about what it took to get to where you are today.

Verse 1

The first verse on the track is performed by Nas. All the lyrics are about how much success he has achieved in life so far. He boasts about his investments in businesses, partnerships with brands, and how he spends his money in luxury hotels around the world. He says how he came from the ghetto to being a global citizen. He is glad that he could get away from the ghetto which he recalls to be like living two seconds away from the devil. This is a reference for all the poverty, gang violence, and police brutality they suffer.

Verse 2

Jay-Z pounces on the second verse of the track and he has a lot to say. However, he starts off by counting his wealth. Jay-Z has a net worth of $1.4 billion, a jump of 40% following his brand deals with LVMH and Square Inc. Jay-Z sings how he is heading for the second B–billion, and he knows that haters haven’t got over his first billion. While the second billion in net worth is in sight, he does not forget his first B–Beyonce.

Right after this, Jay-Z sings the secret behind his success; “It’s the white gloves for me.” This might be a massive backhanded slap towards the racial discrimination still present in the United States. Is Jay-Z trying to say that despite all his talent in music, was it something as insignificant as his white gloves that made him a success?

Jay-Z also says that he came from nothing to the top of the world. He calls himself a ‘project baby.’ Projects are housing schemes for the lower-income populace.

On the outro, we hear some vocalizations from Harmonies by The Hive AKA Beyonce.

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