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Drake – Wants and Needs Ft. Lil Baby | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Wants and Needs” is one of the three tracks on Drake 2021 EP ‘Scary Hours 2.’ On the track, Drake recruits rapper Lil Baby, and both of them sing about the contrasts between their wants and needs in life while bragging about their success.

Drake released his 3-track EP ‘Scary Hours 2’ on March 5, 2021. This is the sequel to his two-track EP ‘Scary Hours’ from 2018. After Drake’s infamous ‘Certified Lover Boy’ studio album being delayed, Drake released the EP with collaborations with Lil Baby and Rick Ross.

All three tracks on the EP, “What’s Next,” “Wants and Needs,” and “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” debuted at number 1, 2, and 3, respectively on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Drake is the only artist to have three tracks debuting on the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart history.

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“Wants and Needs” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

Drake starts off the verse by pleading with everyone to keep him out of their comments. Most people take hits at Drake (or artists of the caliber as Drake) to brush off of their clout. Everyone tries to talk about him out of context because even his name is pure ‘content.’

Drake calls him ‘heaven-sent’ or ‘god-sent’ because of all the incredible achievements in his lifetime. It is as if Drake himself has been touched or blessed by God himself. While there is plenty of proof of his success, Drake gets humble and says that despite everything, it is what his mom says about him. So, it must be true, because mothers never lie.

Chart positions mean nothing to Drake at this point. Almost every single chart on top 5 positions on Billboard Hot 100. Drake also won the ‘Artist of the Decade’ honor at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards for all the obvious reasons.

Money means nothing to Drake at this point. He does it for the love of the game now. He does it become the best–better than he was yesterday.

Drake is only 34-years-old though!

In the last part of the verse, Drake says he probably should go make music with Kanye West because he needs some Jesus in his life. Kanye West seemingly has turned a ‘religious’ leaf in his life since 2019 confessing that he has been blessed with a higher calling now. Kanye also released his first Gospel album ‘Jesus Is King’ in October 2019.


In the chorus of the song, Drake sings that he has sins on his mind obsessing him. This is why he needed Kanye’s religious influence on him in the first verse. Drake also sings that Ms are on his mind, which stands for the ‘molly’ or MDMA drug. He sings that he wants friends in his life. Good company is important when you get as big as Drake is. However, Drake says that he is in love with two girls at the same time. Maybe one love out of ‘want’ and another out of ‘need.’

Verse 2

Lil Baby goes on the second verse of “Wants and Needs.”

In the verse, Lil Baby sings about the sins he commits. He is in love with money and he has no problems earning or spending them. He has a secret girlfriend and he wants to keep this on the down-low.

Lil Baby claims that he is a shark in the music industry where other artists are mere little fishies. He is humble enough to say that he is not a ‘G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) yet, but is confident enough to claim that he fits the description.

Lil Baby sings that he does not bargain when it comes to spending his money. He recalls a time when he lost an entire Ferrari sports car gambling in Las Vegas.

Lil Baby seemingly nods at Drake’s breakthrough hit “Started from the Bottom” from 2013, when he sings “I don’t even bargain, I’ll start from the bottom.”

Although none of the artists explicitly mention their wants and needs in the lyrics, it is pretty apparent what both of them are seeking.

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  1. I believe what he is speaking of at 10’s and M’s are popular opiate pills in this drug induced pandemic brought to you by Carl’s Jr. and also lil baby mentions his prescription.

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