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Conan Gray – People Watching | Stream, Lyrics & Meaning

“People Watching” is the third single from Conan Gray’s upcoming 2021 album. This song and the music video feels like a breath of fresh air, as Conan Gray fascinates about the love lives of people in the cafe he works in. This is ironic because Conan Gray actually burns a croissant while he is daydreaming and fills the cafe with smoke.

“People Watching” follows the previous two singles, “Overdrive,” and “Astronomy,” released from Conan Gray’s untitled second studio album yet to be revealed. The album is expected to be titled ‘Worlds Apart.’ This is Conan’s follow-up project to his 2020 debut album ‘Kid Row.’

Conan Gray apologized to anyone who can relate to the song; “This song is for all us lonely people. Grateful to the incredible @juliamichaels and @dan_nigro for listening to me sit on the floor and be depressed about being alone. If you relate to the song, i’m sorry.”

Singer/songwriter Julia Michaels and songwriter/producer Dan Nigro are given writing credits on this song.

Watch “People Watching” Music Video by Conan Gray

“People Watching” Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“People Watching” is a song about that daunting feeling of being surrounded by people in love all around you. This effect is enhanced ten-fold when you are single. It seems as if everyone around you is a couple in love and you are the only one who has yet to find their soulmate.

In the music video, we see Conan Gray working at a boutique cafe called ‘Boulangerie Patisserie.’ A ‘boulangerie’ is a French bakery, which is beside the point of this review. While Conan Gray works at this patisserie, he sees all the couples who come in for coffee and some baked goodies. He sees couples dining in, enjoying their coffee and food, talking, laughing, cuddling, and enjoying each other’s company. Conan wants this in his life, too.

In the first verse of the song, Conan narrates the story of a couple that he overheard while working there. They met in a metaphysical philosophy class and have been together for 49 months. They are already engaged, but they still cannot seem to help but fall in love with each other every passing minute. Even just now, he made a lame joke at which she laughed so hard. This is the kind of support we all need in our lives.

Conan Gray hopes that his time will come soon. His time to be in love and do all the cliche things couples do. But for now, he is just on the sidelines observing other people in love.

Someday I’ll be falling, without caution
But for now, I’m only people watchin’

In the second verse of the song, Conan Gray does a reflection of himself on why things may have not worked out for him so far. He knows he has trust issues. Maybe he has been burned before. Conan admits that he cuts off people like tags on his clothing. Cutting tags off of new clothes is the first thing we do before wearing them. At least, Conan knows some reasons why he is still alone. He can work on them.

This song is likely very relatable to many of us. But, just as Conan keeps his hopes up, so shall we. Let us know what are your experiences with love in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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