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Clinton Kane – I GUESS I’M IN LOVE | Lyrics Meaning Explained

The Australian singer-songwriter Clinton Kane is back with a brand new single, ushering in a new era after his massive success from his EP series on YouTube. The brand new song, titled “I GUESS I’M IN LOVE,” is a song about, well, love. This song might come out as a surprise considering the themes Kane frequented in his previous releases.

Clinton Kane gained popularity with his previous releases talking about relationships such as; “​this is what a toxic relationship feels like,” “​this is what being cheated on feels like,” “​this is what heartbreak feels like,” “​this is what anxiety feels like,” and “​this is what a rough childhood feels like.” All these songs culminated towards Clinton’s first EP release ‘this is what it feels like’ in September 2019.

Releasing the new song, Clinton Kane thanked his fans for the journey so far; “hey family x i know i joke a lot ab being toxic, teasing songs constantly and blackmailing to the point where you feel like i’m dragging everything out and purposely taking so long to release songs just bc i want to, but honestly, some things are out of my control. i wanted to release this love song months ago but things kept coming up with videos and production for the song and im so sorry its taken so long for music to come out since ive teased it.”

Watch “I GUESS I’M IN LOVE” Music Video by Clinton Kane

Clinton Kane “I GUESS I’M IN LOVE” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

This song is a sweet tribute to love. Clinton Kane tries to put into words how he feels about this woman who is in his life right now. Obviously, words do fail him and it seems as if he has to repeat himself to emphasize the point.

Love is about being the support that compensates for each other’s flaws. You either love them for who they are or find someone else with who you can do this.

How you love the things I hate about myself
And no one knows, but with you, I see hope again

Clinton Kane sings how he still gets butterflies in his tummy when he looks into her eyes. And they have been together for years. This is the kind of love that we all dream to have.

Kane knows that there is something different about her. He knows he has had butterflies for other girls before. But this one just feels right. It feels as if all the previous heartbreaks were meant to happen for this girl to come into his life. So, he isn’t even mad at all the mishaps in love he experienced before.

Although Kane sings about a ‘her’ in his life, the music video is dedicated to all kinds of love. Love is just love no matter where it happens.

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