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Halsey – Lilith | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Lilith” is the fourth track on Halsey’s 2021 album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.’ In this track, Halsey sings about how her destructive behaviour tends to drive away everything she loves. She says that she has been down this path for so long that she does not know if turning back is even possible at this point.

Halsey released her fourth studio album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ on August 27, 2021. This is her follow-up project to her highly successful album ‘Manic’ released in 2020. About the new album, Halsey said “This album is a concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth. It happened by accident. I wasn’t trying to make a political record, or a record that was drowning in its own profundity—I was just writing about how I feel. The reason that the album has sort of this horror theme is because this experience, in a way, has its horrors.”

Lilith is also a reference to a demonic figure in Judaic mythology, supposedly the primordial she-demon and alternately first wife of Adam. Demons are known for destruction and possibly the furthest thing from love and what humanity stands for. It is interesting to see Halsey drawing comparisons of herself to this demon figure.

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Halsey “Lilith” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Halsey kicks off the song by saying that she is perfection when it comes to first impressions. It feels as if this is true to a lot of people. First impressions are vastly important and often misleading. A person is usually in their A-game when making a first impression. The real demons come out in the long run.

I am disruptive, I’ve been corrupted
And by now, I don’t need a f*ckin’ introduction
I been gone ’cause I been on this road too long

Straight boss lyrics. But also hidden are her pains of stardom. She tells us that she has worked hard and sacrificed a lot to become known worldwide as Halsey. The journey has been long and excruciating. She might have sacrificed a big part of who she is to become Halsey. However, it is difficult to estimate how much of her music success has turned her into this demon she thinks she is.

This is not the first time Halsey has opened up about her self-destructive behavior in her songs. Songs like “Hurricane” from 2014, and “Bad at Love” from 2017 also touch on the same topic.

Later, Halsey Tweeted explaining some lyrics in the song; “Big brain like I’m teaching a lesson;”

it’s “big brain” no “A” but same concept to what you thought it was. Meaning like…give brain in a big way Grimacing face lmaooo okay bye now ! Grandma don’t read this !!!

In the second verse of the song, Halsey could be talking to her ex-lover. She tells us that after the dust settled, she only has regrets left about this relationship. Halsey says that her ex was a loose cannon who was easily manipulated by a woman with an appealing body. And when she left him, she wonders if she was being too mean.

In the outro of the track, Halsey sings “The more that you give away / The more that you have.” This should be the motto that all of us should live by. However, be very careful when you start to give. There are a lot of leeches among us who only take and take. Give without expectations.

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