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Halsey – You asked for this | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“You asked for this” is the sixth track on Halsey’s 2021 album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.’ In the song, Halsey sings how she has finally become who she wanted to be and she is not really happy with who she turned out to be in the process. Likely, she knew the risks of going down this path.

Halsey released her fourth studio album ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ on August 27, 2021. This is her follow-up project to her highly successful album ‘Manic’ released in 2020. About the new album, Halsey said “This album is a concept album about the joys and horrors of pregnancy and childbirth. It happened by accident. I wasn’t trying to make a political record, or a record that was drowning in its own profundity—I was just writing about how I feel. The reason that the album has sort of this horror theme is because this experience, in a way, has its horrors.”

In “You asked for this,” Halsey recalls back to the days when she wanted what she has now. However, throughout this album, she has been singing about how she dislikes the person she has become. Especially in the song “Lilith,” she compares herself to a Judaic demon.

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Halsey “You asked for this” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the song, Halsey remembers telling a younger self to pursue this dream of hers. Becoming a big superstar with a million-strong fan base to chant her name when she takes the stage. She wished upon a shooting star, and this is the dream she is living right now. But the journey has been brutal. The more you deliver, the higher the expectations are, and the faster the downfall approaches.

Go on and be a big girl
You asked for this now

Halsey does not know what more she wants in her life. She knows there is something missing. Maybe it’s the content and happiness she thought she would reach with this level of success.

Halsey knows she is crying over spilled milk at this point in her life. She is in too deep to make a u-turn in her career and life.

In the second verse, Halsey sings how her life has taken for the worse with her coming up in the industry. A house protected with fences to keep creeps out, filing taxes on all her hard work, and meaningless sexual relationships. She wonders and is scared that this is her life to the future as well.

I want everything I asked for

It is our own selves that drive us towards all the disappointments in life. Happiness is a state of mind within ourselves.

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