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Kanye West – Believe What I Say | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Believe What I Say” is the tenth track on Kanye West’s 2021 album ‘DONDA.’ The song is primarily performed by Kanye West, with the bridge and interlude performed by Buju Banton. In the song, Kanye seems to be directly addressing all of his listeners, fans and critics alike, saying that he is aware of the fact that he cannot please everybody.

Donda’ is Kanye West’s tenth studio album released on August 29, 2021, after being teased and delayed multiple times. Kanye West held two listening parties for the album at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta leading up to the album release, and the third party in Chicago. This track was played at the second listening party.

Kanye West has not been the perfect role model throughout his career with one controversy after another. He realizes that people have always had problems with how he delivered what he wanted to say. Regardless, he always had the right intentions in mind.

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Kanye West “Believe What I Say” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Kanye West seems to talk about how the expectations have always been high throughout his career. Everybody looks up to Kanye to give them some sort of superpower to solve all their problems. However, he is as human as all of us and this stuff does weigh on him.

Oftentimes, Kanye West has used controversial means to express his thoughts which have caused in massive backlashes. For example, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift during her VMA 2009 ‘Video of the Year’ acceptance speech to announce that Beyonce deserved the award. His intentions were in the right place, but his actions were way off of the norm. In February 2016, Kanye West Tweeted that Bill Cosby, a convicted sex offender, is innocent. There are more.

Don’t agree with the message, don’t agree with the methods

When his method of delivery fails, the message often gets buried underneath the drama. Kanye may have intended well, but his delivery flopped.


In the hook of the song, Kanye West sings that no one should let their success change who they were before when they had nothing. Or at least, change for the better. He advises all of us to not lose the connection with Lord. This is the source of all the love we need in our lives.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Kanye West talks about his interactions online with fans and critics. Kanye West has been quite active on Twitter and not all of these have been very positive for him. He even posted his entire music contract with Universal Music Group on his Twitter for the world to see. Again, for the right reasons, but the wrong approach.

Ye says this is one way he releases the stresses in his head. If he held all of what he thought inside of him, it might have driven him crazy.

Even if I gotta do it solo, even if I gotta do it with no promo
I ain’t got my point across

After all the drama he has ensued in his life, Ye says that he has not been able to get his point across still.

Next, Ye goes into a rant about the demands he has from fans and critics. He says he has everything he can give and what more does anyone want from him? Crazy fan behavior was to be seen every time the album ‘Donda’ got delayed. All of Ye’s social media posts were flooded with threats to release the album. Ye owes nobody anything.

Don’t involve yourself in things they ain’t have to know

It doesn’t get any clearer than this. Nobody has any business about Ye’s private life which was also on display due to his recent divorce announcement with his wife Kim Kardashian. Even she might have received some backlash for this decision, which is absolutely their private ordeal.


These sections are performed by the Jamaican singer Buju Banton. The lyrics seemingly talk about a relationship, or rather the fall of it. The singer is talking to their significant other about their decision to leave him. He warns her that they are easily swayed by people and things who don’t have their best interests in mind. However, the singer says that his significant other did not play him for a fool even though the whole world seemed to think so.

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