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Kanye West – Praise God Ft. Baby Keem & Travis Scott | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Praise God” is the sixth track on Kanye West’s 2021 album ‘DONDA.’ The song features vocals by Baby Keem and Travis Scott, the latter being a frequent collaborator with Kanye. However, this is the first time Baby Keem has collaborated with Ye. In the song, all the artists sing about their success and credit these results to God.

Donda’ is Kanye West’s tenth studio album released on August 29, 2021, after being teased and delayed multiple times. Kanye West held two listening parties for the album at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta leading up to the album release, and the third party in Chicago. This track was played at the second listening party.

The intro to “Praise God,” quotes some lines from the poem ‘Speech to the Young: Speech to the Progress-Toward (Among them Nora and Henry III)‘ by Gwendolyn Brooks. These lines emphasize that no matter what happens, life goes on. Sometimes there is no control over things happening around us. So why do we worry about things that are not in our control? We need to be able to live every day to the fullest as happiness is a state of mind.

Listen to “Praise God” by Kanye West Ft. Baby Keem & Travis Scott

“Kanye West “Praise God” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


The intro to the song quotes famous lines from the poem ‘Speech to the Young: Speech to the Progress-Toward (Among them Nora and Henry III)‘ by Gwendolyn Brooks. These lines encourage people to live life to the fullest despite all the nay-sayers and critics around us. Life is too short to be moping around.

Verse 1

In the first verse, Travis Scott sings about his stature in music. He is on top and no one can take him down. He credits his success to God, which naturally makes the devil his opposition or enemy. But he is sturdy in his faith and no evil can take him down, including money.


We gon’ praise our way out the grave, dawg
Livin’, speakin’, praise God

In the hook of the song, Ye sings how his life has been saved or resurrected in his faith in Lord. Since he has ushered in this new faithful phase of his life, he has started seeing things in a different light. It feels as if he has been breathed in fresh air to make him alive again.

Verse 2

Travis Scott relishes the successes he has been able to gain in his life. He knows a lot of the inspiration in his life to pursue the dream came from God. It made him hold on to this dream hard and never let it go. There is nothing he would change in his journey–he is happy with the first take of the script of his life.

Verse 3

The third verse is by Baby Keem. He takes on the same theme from his fellow collaborators on the song.

Baby Keem takes a shot at people who uses the name of Jesus and Lord in vain. He despises people who remember Lord only when their backs are against a wall. Like a monthly insurance payment, which is a mandatory obligation, Lord should not be treated as a once-a-month deal.

Keem also takes a shot at the publications that run fake news with clickbait titles; “They publish the headlines and say the wrong things.”

He also shouts out to his mother, who was a single Black lady who had to raise him all by herself. He understands her struggles now and thanks her. All the suppressed anger and repressed experiences made their hearts heavy. But Baby Keem was able to turn his heavy heart into a million-dollar music empire. Baby Keem’s net worth is estimated to be between $400,000 to $2 million according to different sources.

As a final touch on his verse, he tackles the topic of racial injustice in the legal system in the USA.

I know some white people servin’ no time

This lyric is a direct jab at the US legal system which is said to be biased towards different races. When a justice system is biased, there is no good happening in the world. Baby Keem alludes to the fact that a white man may get lesser sentence for the same crime committed as a black man.

He says that he does his music to inspire everyone who is suffering right now, crying right now, and are looking for ways to survive out there.

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