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Lil Nas X – That’s What I Want | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“That’s What I Want” is the fourth track on Lil Nas X’s 2021 album ‘MONTERO.’ In the song, Lil Nas X worries about his love life or the lack of it. He cries for a lover in his life and the difficulties of finding true love, being a gay black man who is also quite wealthy and popular.

‘MONTERO’ is Lil Nas X’s debut studio album, a journey that started with his mega-hit “Old Town Road” in 2019. Nas X has released one mixtape and extended play since. However, the ‘MONTERO’ album is the singer’s ‘baby,’ which he teased for weeks with fake pregnant images of himself.

In the music video for “That’s What I Want,” we see Lil Nas X falling in love with a guy, going on a sensual journey with him, and coming to the realization that that guy is actually married to a woman with a child. Lil Nas X was used by a bisexual guy. In the end of the video, we see Lil Nas X walking down the aisle all by his lonesome.

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Lil Nas X “That’s What I Want” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Lil Nas X tells us his problem. He needs to find love right now. It is harder for him, being a black man who is gay. Homosexuals were condemned by religion until a few decades ago and now the world has progressed enough to realize that everyone is a human being no matter what their sexual preferences are. Still, Lil Nas X faces so much backlash for inculcating homosexual themes and visuals in his songs.

Lil Nas X received some severe backlash from media for twerking over Satan in the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” song and the music video.

Being black, gay, rich and famous, certainly does not help Lil Nas X to find true love. The last two traits especially attract a lot of fake lovers. The first two traits, still, unfortunately, attract a lot of hate in today’s society.

In the song, Lil Nas X wonders if people come into his life with the right intentions. The music video shows, a black guy who hooks up with Nas X although he is married to a woman and has a child of his own.

He dark skin, lookin’ at me like he know me
I wonder if he got the G or the B

“The G or the B” could stand for the terms ‘gay’ and ‘bisexual,’ both of which refer to being open for homosexual relationships. However, being ‘bisexual’ leaves room for heterosexual relationships as well. Lil Nas X needs to find his true love amongst all these. ‘G or B’ also could stand for ‘girl’ and ‘boy.’

I want, someonе to love me
I need, someonе who needs me

Lil Nas X says that he feels alone most of the time. The world seems to pick up torches and crosses against him every day for his music. He is constantly bombarded with hate on Twitter. So, it will be nice to have a lover whom he can reel back. Be held and be told that it’s going to be alright. He has been fighting a battle all this time, and some company would be nice.

But your loving, your body, and a little bit of your brain

The cherry on top, in this relationship, is their physical nature. Lil Nas X wants to adore his partner’s body. ‘Getting brain’ is slang for receiving oral sex.

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