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Coldplay x BTS – My Universe | Lyrics Meaning Explained

Marking their first collaboration together, Coldplay and KPOP giants BTS have released their song “My Universe.” Initially, the song was made only for BTS, however, both groups ended up on the track together. The song is about love — how partners see each other as their own universe, the beauty and the madness within.

“My Universe” is the second promotional track from Coldplay’s ninth studio album ‘Music of the Spheres,’ scheduled to be released on October 15, 2021. This is their follow-up project to their 2019 project ‘Everyday Life.’

Chris Martin of Coldplay explained the idea behind the song in an interview in the Kelly Clarkson Show;

We really don’t believe in any boundaries or separation of anything really, and so the song “My Universe” is about someone being told they can’t love a certain other person, or can’t be with this race, or they can’t be gay, whatever it might be. And we thought it would be good to sing this with BTS because maybe we’re not supposed to be together. And it turned out to be one of the most fun things ever. I went to Korea to be with them, it’s been amazing.

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Coldplay “My Universe” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Although the song sings about love, there is a dent in the lyrics for that one little missing piece every relationship has.

There’s a paradise they couldn’t capture
That bright infinity inside your eyes

The word could be a shoutout at Coldplay’s hit track “Paradise” from 2011. Also, this line implies that there is a perfect-er world that this relationship could not reach.

As Chris Martin explained, this love could be something unrealized, too. Maybe they love each other from afar due to some major interference in between them.

This is further clarified in the second verse by BTS.

And they said that we can’t be together
Because, because we come from different sides

This couple cannot be together because of some nonsense that society has framed them in. There may be a million real stories like this around the world. This is one area that we humans have made great strides in the last decade or so.

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  1. Amazing hook in this song. I was curious about the meaning because there are some lyrics that are hard to really understand. Makes more sense now. Thanks.

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