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Lovejoy – Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry? | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?” is the opening track on Lovejoy’s 2021 EP ‘Pebble Brain.’ In the song, the singer mocks a friend of his for being not over their ex. However, the singer faces a similar situation in another song “Perfume” on the same album.

The ‘Pebble Brain’ EP follows the debut EP ‘Are You Alright?’ by the British band Lovejoy. The band consists of four members, Wilbur Soot as the frontman and lead singer, Joe Goldsmith as a guitarist, Ash Kabosu who plays bass, and Mark Boardman who is the band’s drummer. The ‘Pebble Brain’ EP contains seven tracks and was released on October 14, 2021, after being delayed for several months.

The twist of the song is that the singer taunts this guy for dating the singer’s ex-girlfriend. The singer points out the flaws of this guy and tells him that even his ex is too good for him. Ouch!

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Lovejoy “Oh Yeah, You Gonna Cry?” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Throughout the song, Lovejoy taunts one guy for dating the singer’s ex-girlfriend. The taunts extend from his traits such as his love for larger beer and getting into fights to his short temper and stupid behavior. The singer has no clue how his ex-girlfriend ended up with this guy. Maybe overcorrection?

Wilbur Soot’s taunts get this guy all worked up. After all, he has a short temper. A guy who loves getting drunk and getting into fights is probably not the best person one should be poking at. But Wilbur Soot is defiant. When this guy gets all riled up, Wilbur asks him to calm down. This probably makes him explode with anger.

Does she still think of me?
Say my name in her sleep

Wilbur’s jabs continue. The last thing Wilbur should be doing is asking about his ex-girlfriend from her current boyfriend. And worse so when he asks if she still says Wilbur’s name in her sleep. This is just poking the manic bear at this point.

To add insult to injury, in the second verse of the song, Wilbur Soot adds that this guy’s girlfriend told Wilbur that she hates being in a relationship with this guy. This is news to this guy, which makes him even more furious.

Wilbur Soot really takes it to a whole new level in taunting his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. To what end? We don’t know.

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