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Swedish House Mafia & The Weeknd – Moth To A Flame | Lyrics Meaning Explained

Ahead of the upcoming 2021 album of the Sweden-based DJ-trio Swedish House Mafia, comes their third single titled “Moth To A Flame.” The vocals on this track are done by The Weeknd, marking their first-ever collaboration together. In this article, we dive into the meaning behind this song and the sensual music video it was released with.

Swedish House Mafia is a trio of world-class DJs namely, Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso. The group is working towards releasing their third studio album, titled ‘Paradise Again.’ Their last project, ‘Until Now,’ produced global hits such as “Miami 2 Ibiza,” and “Don’t You Worry Child.”

The idea of ‘moth to a flame’ represents a phenomenon found in nature where moths are attracted to light sources, travel to them, and die due to the heat of the light source. However, this does not keep moths from flying to the light source either. The idea showcases how sometimes what we lust for can be poison to us but we still crave it.

The music video shows a pit of naked men crawling on top of each other and engaging in passionate makeout sessions. Towards the end of the video, the entire pit of men turns into stone, symbolizing the concept of a moth drawn to the flame and dying.

Watch “Moth To A Flame” by Swedish House Mafia x The Weeknd

Swedish House Mafia “Moth To A Flame” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the only verse of the song, The Weeknd sings how he is the real-life flame that attracts everyone around him to him. But there are no good endings once they fall down his rabbit hole.

Like a moth to a flame
I’ll pull you in, I pulled you back to

The Weeknd’s force is so strong that even people who have already found solace with their partners become loyal to The Weeknd. This highlights another carnal aspect of the song and the music video. These people are at the whim of The Weeknd.

In the pre-chorus, The Weeknd sings why he chooses to let this person go this time. This person has a man in their life, and their friends think he is the ‘One.’ The Weeknd does not want to break up a good thing for a moment of pleasure.

His love for you is true

But… there’s always a but.

This person is trying it with The Weeknd.

But does he know you call me when he sleeps?
But does he know the reasons that you cry?

The singer’s magnetic force is just too strong that even when he lets go of people, they still gravitate towards him. This person still keeps calling The Weeknd, sends him pictures, and cries out their pains with the singer. This is not healthy for them.

The Weeknd tries to push them away “You should be with him, I let you go from time.”

The entire song revolves around the idea that sometimes no matter how destructive some people or some things are, we are still attracted to them. It is a curse that many of us cannot shake off.

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