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Lana Del Rey – Black Bathing Suit | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Black Bathing Suit” is the fifth track on Lana Del Rey’s 2021 album ‘Blue Banisters.’ The song wraps themes of love, heartache, and the pandemic. The title of the song refers to a memory from the times that were normal before the pandemic. Let us attempt to dissect the song lyrics.

Lana Del Rey announced her eighth studio album ‘Blue Banisters’ expected to release on July 4, 2021. Along with the surprise announcement, Lana released three brand new singles off the album, along with the title track. It has only been just over a year when Lana released her previous project ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club‘ in March 2021.

In the height of the pandemic around July 2020, Lana Del Rey was body-shamed after she posted a picture of her new lockdown look. Online trolls bashed her for gaining weight during pandemic lockdowns. But her fans stood strong with her, showing support. This might be one reason why Lana sings “The only thing that still fits me is this black bathing suit” in this song.

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Lana Del Rey “Black Bathing Suit” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Lana Del Rey seems to open up about her pandemic lockdown routine. Grenadine is a non-alcoholic bar syrup and Lana says her quarantine days were spent sipping on them back-to-back.

She could only meet her friends on online calls and she could only visit the Target parking lot. All these reference the different social-distancing protocols that were mandated during the pandemic. It almost felt like the end of the world. And if it was the end, Lana says she does not want to die alone.

Because she is kind of getting tired of all the nonsense thrown at her way.


Lana Del Rey seems to talk to her haters now. She says that her body is a temple and so is her heart. No one should desecrate a temple. Lana Del Rey received a lot of negativity for gaining weight during the pandemic from Internet trolls. Her fans came to her aid. Lana admits that she gained weight saying that the only thing in her wardrobe that fit her was one black bathing suit. This line also says that all these criticisms did not fit her.

For her haters, she has one thing to say;

You don’t know me any better than they do, baby

Everybody thinks they know what goes on in the life of others based on a few things that are on display in their lives. But this is as wrong as it can be.


Lana Del Rey sings that the public has not seen anything yet, nor has her boyfriend. If they wanted to see a badder version of her, she can gladly deliver.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Lana reveals more ways in which she spent her lockdown days. Swisher Sweets is a cigar brand manufactured in Florida.

Lana also talks about how the public misinterprets her words. Lana Del Rey has seemingly stained her reputation over the years with some public statements she has made. However, in the song, Lana seems to state that she had no bad intentions with whatever she said. Most of it was misinterpreted by the masses. And now everyone is out to get her for these ‘controversial’ takes.

In the next line, Lana seems to admit that she is destined to be taken the wrong way. She calls it her “karmic lineage.” Karma is the good and bad you carry on from one life to another. Past good deeds result in good karma and bear good fruits. Past bad deeds result in bad karma and reap spoilt fruits.

Lana Del Rey randomly drops in that she does not have a good relationship with her mother. Maybe she gets lost in her thoughts during her isolated lockdowns during the pandemic. We do start missing people after a few months of quarantine. She confesses that she still loves her dad and is on good terms with him.


In the last lyrics of the song, Lana comes to terms with the fact that she cannot shut everybody up. The best course of action is to ignore them and move on. In fact, the more everyone talks about her, for better or worse, the more stacks of money she makes. So let them talk!

“Black Bathing Suit” touches on several topics that Lana Del Rey’s moods swung through during her being locked down during the pandemic. Most of us, too, were lost in our thoughts during the most part of 2020.

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  1. oh … and by the way … had tickets to see Lana in england in february 2020 but, of course, the show was cancelled apparently owing to her ill health – it’s my speculation that she was ‘told’ the tour of europe was ‘cancelled’ due to the incoming, planned ‘pandemic’ by the same parasites i mentioned earlier – the truth will never come out of course …. and now look where we are …. Lana shoudda told them to F***OFF

  2. nobody had to be ‘lockdown’ – just say no – the parasites that think they can control us are wrong – Lana shoudda been badder and ignored them!

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