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Adele – Hold On | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“Hold On” is the tenth track on Adele’s 2021 album ’30.’ In the track, Adele is hopeful, despite having her love roots pulled out through her divorce. She will hold on for one more day in the hope of a better love story. However, anyone will be able to use these lyrics as a tool for motivation for better days.

Adele released her fourth studio album ’30’ on November 19, 2021. The only single from the album, “Easy On Me,” took the world by storm, breaking streaming records. The album follows the series of albums released in correspondence with her age at the time of recording each album.

The heartbreak-inspired album ’30’ dives deep into Adele’s relationship with Simon Konecki that ended in divorce in 2021. Adele had high hopes for this relationship having one child, Angelo Adkins, with now ex-husband. In “Hold On,” Adele builds on the idea that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ The pain from this breakup, too, shall pass.

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Adele “Hold On” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Adele is devastated that her 10-year-old relationship has come to a screeching halt despite giving birth to new life. Adele was just 24-years-old when she had her son, Angelo Adkins, with now ex-husband Simon Konecki. Adele had little time to explore the dating world in this timeline. So, it might be natural that she feels as if all her attempts at love had failed.

Oh, what have I done yet again?
Have I not learned anything?

She was betrayed by love. But we find a hopeful singer throughout this song. ‘Hold on…” she screams. She assures herself that she is strong, maybe even stronger than before. Love will soon find her again, until such time, keep holding on. But she did find new love in her son.

Let time be patient
Let pain be gracious
Just hold, hold on

Time is said to heal all wounds. Let pain make you stronger and not break you. Adele has to open herself up for new love first. When she is ready, a new romance will come her way. Until such time, she has to be hopeful.

I’m my own worst enemy
Right now, I truly hate bein’ me

For any person, they are their own worst enemy. Anything in this world is possible if you set your mind to it. When it comes to love, Adele will have to stop doubting her relationship skills. She has to believe that she is worthy of love. She has to believe that what went wrong in one relationship doesn’t necessarily mean love has failed her or love is not meant for her. When she breaks out of this mental block, she will be ready for love again. She is on the right path though — she is hopeful.

Sometimes loneliness is the only rest we get

In the bridge of the song, Adele drops some worldly wisdom. Loneliness is not such a bad thing. Being alone is the perfect time to learn about yourself and what you want. It is the time of least distractions. A peaceful and calm mind can achieve miracles.

Anyone looking for inspiration to move on from anything can use this song as a motivator. Better days are always ahead. Just hold on for one more day!

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