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Adele – My Little Love | Lyrics Meaning Explained

“My Little Love” is the third track on Adele’s 2021 album ’30.’ This track is dedicated to Adele’s son Angelo Adkins. Although the song talks about her love for the child, the song also touches on how he will grow up in a broken home and she apologizes for it upfront.

Adele released her fourth studio album ’30’ on November 19, 2021. The only single from the album, “Easy On Me,” took the world by storm, breaking streaming records. The album follows the series of albums released in correspondence with her age at the time of recording each album.

Throughout the album, Adele shows concern for her child now that he will be growing up in a fatherless home. It is not that Adele will let the child feel any lack of love or affection. But the child will see other kids growing up with their parents and likely feel a little left out. The album ’30’ is pretty much an apology letter to Adele’s son, Angelo Adkins for whatever he will have to go through because of his mother’s relationship issues.

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Adele “My Little Love” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

When Adele looks into the eyes of her 9-year-old son, she sees a child on the verge of being broken-hearted. Angelo might be too young to comprehend the effects of the divorce of his parents right now or even too soon to grasp everything that happened. But there will certainly be a time when he will wonder why his parents did this to him.

Immediately, Angelo will notice that his daddy is not around the house anymore. He might cry for him. His eyes widen like the horizon of the ocean and tears might crash down like the waves.

Adele with ex-husband Simon Konecki (Image:
Adele with ex-husband Simon Konecki (Image:

I know you feel lost, it’s my fault completely

Adele seems to take the blame on herself for the fail of their marriage and the eventual impact it will have on Angelo.

Adele is scared to hear the words “it was your fault” come out of Angelo’s mouth. It is almost as if she is preparing herself for these words. It would absolutely crush her to hear these words from her child, but it might be an unavoidable future.

I’m so far gone and you’re the only one who can save mе

Adele only has her child now. Her ex-husband is long gone and there is no chance of them getting back together. Her child is the main thing that keeps her going — wanting to love and to be loved.

Adele does not want to show resentment towards Angelo’s father despite their marriage coming to an end within a few years. She sings that she loves the child’s father for giving her the child. Adele also does not want to hide the fact that Angelo is a product of both the parents in equal portions. Adele is a smart and a good woman — she does not want to publicize her husband’s weaknesses nor wants to spoil her child’s mind with the same. Angelo will grow up with the same love he had for his father when they were one family.

Throughout “My Little Love,” if one thing is certain, it is that Adele loves her child so very much. She knows her marriage did not work out for whatever reason and her only worry is how it impacts her child. In other songs, we come to know that she did try to make things work for the sake of Angelo, but after years of trying, everything failed. Adele will make a good mother.

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