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Katy Perry – When I’m Gone Ft. Alesso | Lyrics Meaning Explained

Katy Perry is back with brand new music to kick off the ‘fireworks’ for the new year 2022. The single released today is titled “When I’m Gone,” but it’s definitely not a moody ballad. The upbeat tempo is a production by DJ Alesso and it outshines the topics of heartache sung in the lyrics of the song.

Katy Perry is making a return to music after her 2020 album ‘Smile.’ The new song “When I’m Gone” was announced on Good Morning America (GMA) on December 29, 2021. Miss Perry is also set to perform some of her biggest hits along with the new single during her Las Vegas Residency concert beginning soon.

Katy Perry also shared her inspiration behind “When I’m Gone” single with GMA; “It is proud and it is fun and it’s great because it’s coming out the same time — the opening night of my show — and just gives a little bit of a fresh, new, fun feeling…”

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Katy Perry “When I’m Gone” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The song talks about a breakup but in the most positive and empowering tone possible. Katy Perry talks about moving on from a breakup. Although it may seem like she is gone forever, the ex-lover will soon come to know that he still craves for her.

You think you’re movin’ on
But it won’t be for long, you’ll see

Usually, males tend to move on fast, in the beginning. But it is not until a few weeks they come to realize the possible mistake they have done. They will start to miss her touch, to say the least. By this time, the females would have griefed the breakup over and be ready to move on. This lapse in time between males and females causes a lot of trouble. But not for Katy Perry. She is the boss in this breakup and she knows it.

And you’re wakin’ up sweating
I’m still in your wild dreams

And he cannot chase her off of his mid-night cold sweat dreams…

In the second verse of the song, Katy Perry lets us know why they broke up in the first place.

It’s just in your nature
Look for me in strangers
All these pretty faces

This guy has a problem. He has a lust for women that is insatiable. He goes looking for more in other women but he keeps striking out — not because he does not find other women, but because he does not find anything better than what he already has — Katy Perry.

Even after they broke up, he continued his usual behavior of chasing behind other women. But he does not find anything as remotely close to what he had with Katy Perry. This is one more reason why Katy Perry is never gone from his mind.

The more he chases his fantasies, the more he gets grounded by his own memories. It is a cruel reality to live in.

Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Will you be blasting “When I’m Gone” at your new year’s eve party?

Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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