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Em Beihold – Numb Little Bug | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Numb Little Bug” is the brand new single by Em Beihold released on January 28, 2022. The pop beat in the song masks the painful message contained in the lyrics about fighting depression and anxiety.

Em Beihold is a 22-year-old singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She released her debut EP ‘Infrared’ in May 2017. Her breakout single “Groundhog Day” was released in May 2021, which amassed over 20 million views on Tik Tok and Instagram. Beihold also teased her new single “Numb Little Bug” on Tik Tok before the release. “For the past month or so I’ve been a numb little bug. And I wrote a song about it cuz it’s a new feeling for me” said Em Beihold announcing the song and playing a snippet.

Feeling numb is a very common symptom of being depressed–a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Throughout the past few years, the whole world has been a little bit more depressed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic around the world. We have lost family members and friends and have been forced to isolation and various other restrictions. It has been tough for all of us.

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Em Beihold “Numb Little Bug” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The start of the song hits hard.

I don’t feel a single thing
Have the pills done too much?

The beginning two lines summarize how Em Beihold is feeling right now–drowned in her fills and cannot feel a thing. She does not know what is worse–the depressive thoughts or these pills. These thoughts keep her occupied and uninterested in everything else. She has not talked with her friends for weeks. And now they feel like strangers, too.

In the chorus of the song, Em Beihold nails it in the head describing the feelings under depression.

Do you ever get a little bit tired of life?
Like you’re not really happy but you don’t wanna die

Depression does have stages and can get worse if untreated. Em Beihold explains that she feels a bit too tired of life lately. But she is not too down with everything to a level that she does not want to exist anymore. But she is feeling something lacking in her life.

Next, Em Beihold goes on to sing about how she feels disconnected from the world around her. She knows she is in the room but her mind is miles away. She knows she is a good person inside, but lately, she does not want to care about anything or anyone.

Like you have empathy inside but you don’t really care

A lot of people suffering from depression have equated the feeling to that of drowning. Em Beihold has a similar experience. She compared her life to a boat and these feelings to water seeping in. She can feel her boat gaining weight and not being able to move as before. A little way down the line, she can see herself suffocating and these visions make her feel even worse.

But, Em Beihold is not too gone so far. For anyone having similar thoughts and feelings, seek professional help. Until help arrives, sing this song until your voice gives up!

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  1. #MyStatus

    This is me at the moment! This song describe me exactly where I am right now..
    This song also have a personal message for being a pharmacist by profession.

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