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Rex Orange County – KEEP IT UP | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Keep It Up” is the first single from Rex Orange County’s upcoming 2022 studio album ‘Who Cares?.’ In the song, Rex gives a big thumbs up to those who just hold on for one more day and keep fighting through all the struggles they are going through. This is a must-listen for everyone!

‘Who Cares?’ is the fourth studio album by Rex Orange County and is expected to release on March 11, 2022. This is Rex’s first music release since his 2019 project ‘Pony.’ This album contained some big hits such as “Pluto Projector” and “It’s Not the Same Anymore.”

The message in “Keep It Up” comes at a crucial time for the entire world. For over two years the entire world has been beaten down by the Covid-19 pandemic and many people have suffered losses. Despite the pandemic, everyone goes through their own share of battles on a daily basis. Those who can smile through them will persevere. If you are having trouble with something, Rex is here to give you a morale boost.

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Rex Orange County “Keep It Up” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Rex puts money where his mouth is. He is not just preaching to us to feel better. He is relating to us by singing about his own issues.

Every time I open my mouth
I have regrets in my mind

Rex is the odd kind. He does not seem to fit in with anyone. Whenever he opens his mouth to say something, he says the wrong thing. As a result of this, his circle stays small, and often times he feels as if no one gets him. This essentially leads to him being all by himself for the most part.

It’s making me feel so depressed

Depression is nothing to be taken lightly. Many people give up on the will to hold on due to depression. Many artists, too, have faced similar fates throughout history. Celebrities, despite having millions of fans around the world, feel loneliness the most.

In the second verse of the song, Rex talks about his experiences of being famous. He is surrounded by people he does not know and this is not helping his loneliness. Being surrounded by people with whom you cannot open up is possibly worse than being by yourself. Rex wants to believe that he is blessed with all the success he has had in his professional life. But he truly fails to see how his life has improved in any way.

I never give myself respect

Rex admits that he is too hard on himself. He does not believe that he truly deserves the successes he has had. Every 24 hours that you hold on is a victory in itself. You deserve a pat on the back for making it to tomorrow. Because not a lot are fortunate enough to see the light of tomorrow.


Keep it up and go on
You’re only holding out for what you want

The only person who can hold you back is yourself. We live in the freest times the world has ever seen. It does have a lot of room to improve, but you certainly can get any support you need to hold on for one more day.

The importance of holding on for one more day is that the next day could be the day that changes everything for you. It can be the day that you finally see the end of the tunnel. You just have to hold on!

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