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Jack Harlow – Nail Tech | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

After having a rather inactive 2021, Jack Harlow is back in 2022 for a new takeover. Since the major breakthrough Jack had with his debut album, he is in a much more comfortable position to be bragging about his success. So he does on the brand new song “Nail Tech.”

“Nail Tech” is the first taste of what’s to come in Jack Harlow’s second studio album expected in 2022. This album follows Jack’s major debut studio album ‘That’s What They All Say’ released in December 2020. The album featured some big hits such as “WHAT’S POPPIN” and “Tyler Herro.”

The title of the song, “Nail Tech” stands for nail technician, a profession dedicated to perfecting the art of cosmetology focused on nails. The title, itself is a boast of the life Jack has been able to achieve with his successful music career. The song really has nothing to do with nail technicians, FYI.

Upon the release of the song, Kanye West took to Instagram to heavily compliment Jack Harlow on the new song. Kanye called Jack “Top 5 out right now.” Jack responded, “This right here…is one of the greatest moments of my entire life.”

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Jack Harlow “Nail Tech” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

“Nail Tech” is all about that fancy lifestyle Jack Harlow has been able to afford for himself as he climbs further on the mountain of success. Being able to afford a nail technician is one thing. But Jack says his nail technician knows how to keep a secret. This hints that they have a rather close relationship, and a close relationship is only built with frequent visits.

You smell me, that’s LV
Walkin’ ’round with my chest out, and my skin smooth, I’m healthy

You put your chest out when you are confident. All the money and chart successes have granted this to Jack Harlow — a well-deserved trophy for his perseverance over the years.

Jack’s efforts were recognized by Eminem last year when he was recruited on the “Killer (Remix).” Jack also contributed to the massively successful single “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X.

Jack Harlow continues his gloat. He says how most of the people around him just pretend — both to be his friend and also to be rich. But he can see through them.

I like girls that’s down to Earth, so don’t be stuck up (Stuck up)

‘Down to Earth’ is an expression used to describe humble people or the quality of humility. While Jack Harlow says he looks for humbleness in a girl, he plays on the words and asks them not to be stuck up, which is the opposite of humbleness.

I’m not on top of this shit yet, but I’m that guy though

It is rare to see an artist admit that they are not on the top of the world. This allows room for growth. It is also a subtle hint that all of his successes so far do not compare to what he has in mind for his future. It’s a humble brag. He is certain of what his future holds for him. Because he is THAT guy the industry needs.

Kanye West got it right. Jack Harlow delivers some smooth flows on this track and he only seems to get better. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

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