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Tyga & Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Everyone gets the need to get a little freaky deaky at times and Doja Cat and Tyga are no different. But adulting can get in the way of such adventures. This is the tale of the brand new song and music video by Doja Cat and Tyga.

“Freaky Deaky” is a single from Tyga’s upcoming eighth studio album due in 2022. This track is Tyga and Doja Cat’s second collaboration after their massive hit “Juicy,” exploring a similar theme.

In the music video for “Freaky Deaky,” we are shown both Tyga and Doja Cat getting in the mood for some freaky time action. She invites him over and Tyga comes running over. Then the duo goes on a journey to explore their deepest sexual fetishes…and she wakes up. Tyga knocks on the door and she is fast asleep. He goes home. Adulting is hard!

Throughout the music video, we see Doja Cat in different sexy outfits befitting the theme of the song. She looks good in everything!

Watch “Freaky Deaky” Music Video by Tyga & Doja Cat

Tyga “Freaky Deaky” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The meaning behind the lyrics is simple; it’s time to get freaky. Both complement each other to get in the mood and discuss different ways they plan to please each other.

When you worth what you worth, I invest in that (Yeah)
Itty-bitty waist but your a*s so fat

These two lines sum up how much respect Tyga has for the girl as well as how much dirty he is going to make her be. In one line, he talks about how much she is really worth and everything that he does with her is an investment in her. In the second line, Tyga gets downright dirty and complements her looks. Looks like he has perfected the Ying-Yang of complements.

Tyga also brags about the fact that he was the reason that Doja is a freak in the sheets like she is now. He also shouts out their first collaboration “Juicy.”

In the second verse by Doja Cat, she goes all Fifty Shades of Grey on Tyga. She clearly is the dominating role in this freaky deaky session and her lyrics tell.

Keep your eyes shut, I’ma go tough (I’ma)…
‘Cause we frustrated, they all make love
It’s so overrated, just come over (Come on)

Doja Cat is so bored with Plain-Jane sex. She wants to switch things up and take control of the situation. It will be Tyga who will be going in cuffs tonight. It will be Doja who will be handling the paddles tonight.

Doja Cat has no chill tonight. But, unfortunately, she falls asleep on a golden opportunity to live her freaky deaky dream. Maybe Tyga got off easy on this one?!

Let us hear what you think about this song and the music video in the comments below. Check out the complete lyrics on Genius.

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