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Dave – Starlight | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

“Starlight” is the first single release by Dave, ushering in a new era of his musical journey. The song touches on a multitude of topics ranging from Dave’s riches to pleasures to his romantic interests and socio-cultural issues.

Dave returns to music after his massively successful second studio album ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ was released in July 2021. Hailing from South London, Dave’s project went #1 on the UK Album Charts. Dave was praised for his attention to detail on social and human matters and penning them into masterclass songs.

“Starlight” also pays homage to one of the greatest love songs ever written: “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra from 1964. The intro to “Starlight” is a reversed version of one of the most famous lines from the song; “In other words, I love you.” The outro of “Starlight” also quotes lyrics from the same song.

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Dave “Starlight” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the hook of the song, Dave tells us that climbing to the #1 spot with his previous album earned him both good and bad results. The good is pretty obvious; the money, the fame, the girls, and the spotlight. The bad is that now he is surrounded by snakes who will lie through their teeth to get into Dave’s pockets. Finally, he got the break he wanted in his career. He earned respect among his colleagues. But now he needs to be protected in the streets.

In the first verse of the song, Dave jumps into several topics. While he shouts out his hometown, South London, he also claims that he grew up not trusting people around him; especially after his claims to success. “Stick with the stick” is a reference to how Dave continues to keep his gun close to him for his own protection.

But he does not have to stick to South London, now that he officially made it in the industry. His pass time hobbies have turned from roaming the streets of South London to the vacation houses in Jamaica. He enjoys the crispier air in Jamaica compared to the heavy pollution present in London.

London (and most other heavily populated cities) are known for their light pollution. This is a big factor if you are a fan of stargazing. Jamaica is most definitely a whole lot better to stargaze in than London.

The end of the first verse and the second verse are dedicated to Dave’s love affairs. He loves his cinnamon-colored women. Any woman he picks will be a 10/10 on a bad day! His bar may have gone a bit higher since his skyrocket to popularity.

Dave also seems to be really into PDA or Public Display of Affection, which refers to acts such as kissing, hugging, and holding hands in public by a couple. He also doesn’t mind a clingy girlfriend because he expects them to not let go of him, like, at all.

Focus, shells gonna land like Disney

This lyric shows how well-read Dave is about certain things from the past. This line alludes to the story of the Walt Disney Company buying thousands of acres of land in Florida owned by Shell Gas Company in the 1960s. Disney did so without disclosing their real identity through several other companies in fear that Shell might hike the price knowing the buyer. This story aside, Dave wants to tell us that bullet shells are going to land when people get in his way. The lyric is a double-entendre.

In the third and last verse of “Starlight,” the song takes a turn. Dave starts to dig deeper into some social issues surrounding modern relationships.

How her boyfriend don’t want her to win? Like rah
And why my girlfriend never wanna see me have a good time out if she ain’t there?

Envy is a serious problem in many relationships. Neither of them wants to see the other level up. This is not a real relationship based on love. This is rather toxic. Co-dependency; it is not mandatory that either of the partners cannot have a good time if they are not together.

Fly me to the moon, let me get some space
Seein’ them stars on her private story

Again, clever wordplay by Dave and on-point intuition of the modern relationships. More often than not, couples fall in love easily and end up requesting space. This does not usually end well for the relationship. Dave quotes Frank Sinatra’s eternal love ode “Fly Me To The Moon,” but flips it so hard. Dave says that flying him to the moon fulfills the space he needed so direly from his relationship. The only stars he gazes upon are the ones his girlfriend begs for on social media.

In the end, Dave settles down with his bros.

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