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Tyler, The Creator & Nigo – Come On, Let’s Go | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

One would have never imagined that someone could create a song out of the idea of impatiently waiting downstairs to go somewhere while their partner is still getting dressed. As weird as it sounds, Tyler, The Creator and Nigo actually managed to pull out a banger on “Come On, Let’s Go” based on this idea.

“Come On, Let’s Go” appears in Japanese DJ, record producer, and entrepreneur NIGO’s second studio album ‘I KNOW NIGO!.’ The song was also produced by Pharrell Williams and co-written by Tyler, The Creator.

“Come On, Let’s Go” is based on a simple everyday-life situation. The males tend to get dressed up faster than women. This is a universal truth. So the male partners usually walk in circles, impatiently, while their girls get ready to look their best. It would have sounded silly to come up with a song based on this idea, but Tyler, Pharrell, and Nigo somehow did pull it. This song has no business being this good!

Listen to “Come On, Let’s Go” by Tyler, The Creator & Nigo

Tyler, The Creator “Come On, Let’s Go” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

I told your a*s be ready, agh
You always got excuses and you know I be on top of things

Tyler, The Creator is impatiently waiting in the yard, next to his Lamborghini waiting for his girl to finish getting dressed up. She said she needs five more minutes, twelve minutes ago, and this was already half an hour after Tyler, The Creator finished getting up.

Tyler is dressed to the sevens himself. He has his black coat, white shirt, sunglasses in pitch darkness, black shorts, white schoolboy socks, and black schoolboy shoes. Oh, and the classic black ushanka hat.

Punctual my proper name, on the dot is not your aim

Tyler is dropping bars on this weird-themed song. While he says that he is a man who is always punctual or on time, he also highlights the fact that his name has a punctuation mark, a comma, which some people seem to forget. His name is Tyler, The Creator, and not Tyler The Creator.

While his patience wears thin, he gets angry and his partner gets angrier. Tyler starts to think about the traffic that they will encounter because they are already forty minutes late. He remembers that he needs to get gas on the way as well. He is fuming inside.

In the second verse, Tyler talks about his routine. Shower, moisturizer, and wear the clothes he wore yesterday! Simple and efficient.

Uniform necessities, multiples are e’erything

Another bar?! Uniform stands for the clothes he wears, and he says that his clothing requirements are bare necessities. He dresses for comfort and ease. These lines could also mean that he has his needs in check. Needs and wants are what drive people into greed and debt and peril. If you have your needs and wants under control or consistent (or uniform), your life becomes so much easier. Try not to chase behind every material thing you lay your eyes on. Life becomes less cluttered.

While Tyler impatiently paces around his Lamborghini (excuse us about the bare necessities from above!), his neighbor pops up. Another classic real-life situation! She probably has a little crush on Tyler, The Creator, because, well, he is Tyler, The Creator! So, she picks up a random conversation like ‘hi, how are you?’ Tyler has no patience for small talks, but he can’t be rude to her either. He responds subconsciously all the while thinking what is his lover still doing!

After a full song and a dance, she comes downstairs and joins Tyler. And they finally take off in their Lamborghini. They are already late for their dinner reservation. He is nervous about the gas level in the tank and the freeway traffic, and she says;

I think… I-I think I left something in the house

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