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Tate McRae – chaotic | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

What is it like to be the only one to notice that the wings of the plane you are on have caught fire?! This might be an excellent re-enaction of adulting itself. We know everything is on fire and we panic. But we have to put a brave face to the world. And so does everyone else. So, Tate McRae names her newest single “chaotic,” perfectly capturing these feelings.

“chaotic” follows a series of songs Tate McRae has been releasing recently such as “feel like sh*t” and “she’s all i wanna be.” More likely than not, all these songs will end up in this Canadian singer/songwriter’s first album expected somewhere in 2022.

During various teases of the song on TikTok, Tate McRae revealed that this was a very hard song to write and probably “the saddest song on the album.” In the lyrics of the song, Tate McRae finds herself navigating through adult life – money, sex, relationships, friends, career, butterflies, hate, spotlight, privacy, and everything else in between. If life is hard for a normal person, it is harder for an up-and-coming artist.

In the visualizer video for “chaotic,” we see Tate McRae taking a flight. She has the wing-view of the flight and she spots the one thing that no airplane passenger dreams to see. The plane wing is on fire, signaling impending doom. But she seems to be the only one noticing, which actually makes the situation much worse!

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Tate McRae “chaotic” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first verse of the song, Tate McRae admits that she is scared about her future. Who isn’t, though?! But for an upcoming artist like Tate, she is betting everything on her music career. There is little chance to turn back once you take on the entertainment industry.

Tate has new friends now – another perk of having a blossoming musical career. But she finds no common interests among them. How did they even come to be? But, he is too scared to be alone. So, she might as well be present among these friends.

You said it looks like I’ve been going through hell
How did you know? How could you tell?

It feels as if you could say this line to any adult person and they would be shocked that we somehow read their minds. Especially in these social, economical, and health crises around the world, people have been walking through hell. Times have been extra hard recently and a lot of us can relate.

How could you blame me? Growing up is chaotic

Alas! As kids, we cannot wait until we grow up and get to do all the grown-up stuff. But we don’t realize as kids the perils of adulting. It becomes a non-stop routine of problem-solving and sometimes just problem-facing and chugging through.

In the second verse of “chaotic,” Tate McRae talks about another dreaded topic – relationships. Everybody wants love but rarely ends up finding love on their first run at it…or the second time…or the tenth time. It is a process of nonstop heartache until you find that one person or spend your time afraid of not finding that one person. Tate McRae sang about this in her breakthrough hit “you broke me first” in 2020.

And maybe I’m just blowing all this sh*t up in my head
But I can’t help it, no, I can’t help it

Our own mind is definitely to be blamed for growing pains. Not because our mind creates all these problems. But because it just blows things out of proportion. Then again, our own mind is something we can take control of. So, at the end of the day, who is really to be blamed for any of this?!

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  1. Well Chaotic feel like I’m part of the victim because everything that I been thoroughly is really hurting for me because I was scared losing someone I love and I’m afraid that I’m going to lose my home and my parents so I believed that people were saying me that I been living like hell and I agree with that so well unfortunately I actually almost went to jail because of what people are saying about me that I don’t belong here. I should be in insane asylum or mental hospital or something like that so that means I been dealing with depressed lately and stressed myself out because I don’t feel like being with my family because I want to live with my boyfriend zach abshire because he is military man and we’re are in love until my mother ruined my relationship with him that because he fakes but it’s not true.

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